Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday & Tuesday Greens

So day 25 of this challenge, and I heard Costa Vida calling to me with their sweet pork salad. That was Monday. Since I didn't want to venture all the way across town, I went to Bajio's instead. BONUS: They sell a "small" which is a boon when you behold the many wonderful and fattening layers that usually prevail with the "regular size".

So I got a small, and here's my restaurant review: Costa Vida sweet pork totally kicks Bajio's tooshie. I heard the Vida cooks it in addictive caffeine ridden coke products besides. Damn them, I still am craving that thing and I'm not even a coke-head. Bajio's was still delightful, I should have gone with the chicken, but loved this nonetheless.

Yum. If I ate one of these every day, even the small, I'm sure it wouldn't be doing any favors to my Kim-Kardashian-gone-square-arse.

Tuesday finds Mrs. Olsen sleep-deprived since Buddha Baby chucked creamy curry carrot soup with a side of peas all over himself, Mrs. Olsen, and Mrs. Olsen's hair around 2:30 a.m. Round two came around 4:30. Point being that I am out of orange juice and am not going to the store. Otherwise, I wouldn't be going 2 days without a spinach smoothie.

Have you tried it yet?

So today I heated up leftover sauteed cabbage with browned onions and lots of salt. At this rate, I'll be rolling salad leaves around cheesecake and frying it for dinner. Or maybe cabbage is awesome. When's the last time you sauteed cabbage with a little spray butter and salt?

What's your favorite salad combo?


Tami said...

Sorry the kiddos haven't been feeling well. If you ever need help with kids or grocery run...call me! I can help!

Nat said...

That salad looks so good! We only have a Bajios where I live, although I think a Costa Vida just opened...have you ever eaten at a Costa Vida? I've heard a guy split from Cafe Rio and made Cost Vida. Just wonderin' what it's like. The spinach smoothie (with banana) rocks. We are having it a couple times a week now. Including my 11 year old son. We Love it. And I love your new blog banner/header thingy. It's really, really cool.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Oh dear. I wrote Cafe Rio but it's Costa Vida that my heart belongs. I am changing it right now so your comment will no longer make sense!

Tami, thanks! I have been blessed with some very addictive books, so I'm good for now.

Nat said...

It is funny that you say that, because just this week, Bill was reading the comments on my blog and he recognized you. What a small world. Bill was a year older than you, he was in Kristi Hackworth's ward. I was Kristi's roomie in college at ISU.

Jenny said...

My heart belongs to cafe Rio. It's that darn dressing. But Costa Vida too is very good. Yum!

Lately salads with sprouts and sunflower seeds are hitting the spot.

Angenette said...

Chipotle is comparable in taste. HOWEVER, they support sustainable farming and buy free-range animals for their meat products.
Give it a try, if you haven't.