Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Apologies

There are times when you are mortified you brought a squirmy infant into a nice restaurant. Moments when you show up to watch your kid get spotlighted at school, only to discover her nerves morph her into a stiff-legged robot on heels who jabbers baby talk when explaining her list of faves. Oh, then there's rushing to the doorbell only to discover your toddler is, yet again, running around in his underwear and you look like a grease monkey with a ratty bun on top of your head.

These moments, and more, fall softer when partnered with an apology. I'm sorry. Every person that thinks they might want to get married someday, should learn to say it. Even if you think you're right.

But sometimes, there is a cost for beauty and thus: no apology is required.

Bottom line: week of yellow air : wintry wondry storm : glistening night-time walk : blizzard in my braids : sister on the cell : clearing out the head : still 2 blocks from home : gotta take a whee : wind upon my face : yellow takes a hike : freshen up my brain : sheesh I'm almost there : wet my stinkin' pants : mere twelve feet from home: hardly even care :

No Apology.

** dedicated to "Grandpa Fory" who passed away this week and who was always quick to apologize but never needed to**


Wade and Marilyn said...


Lee Family said...

Is that mommy-in-law's dad? What a great family you've inherited. If only politicians could be more like Grandpa. You're such a great writer.

. . . so, did you really pee your pants and you didn't even care? did you have to walk bull-legged? did it go all the way down to your socks?

okay, just trying to be funny because we just discussed the fact that you think I'm funny . . . right?

thanks for your thoughts sissy.

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh. Thanks.


Monica said...

I loved talking to you that night and imagining you walking in the blizzard. You are an amazing, beautiful person. Do you know it? Really, do you know it?!!

LGH said...

Amber, this is such great have a gift.

Allen Family said...

Oh how this brought back Logan memories. Member? Waiting for me to run a book to bookstore on campus? Having to ride home backwards in the passenger seat? Good times.

Thanks for the rexburbia share. I had seen his blog a long time ago--before it was a full-blown .com site. Funny.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Monica, I forgot to tell you after we hung up of my urinary adventure. Thanks for the chat lovely lovely lady that I love love love.

Niki, the only puddles I found myself in were from melting snow if that answers your question. Sheesh. Your curiosity has no limits.

"Allen Family" I do remember when you were constantly wetting your pants as a college senior. Thanks for the reminder and the laugh ;)