Monday, February 2, 2009

Photographer for Fire

Back in 1962, just before getting a major value shift with hippies, woodstock, and Vietnam, my folks insulated themselves from the upcoming generational chaos by settling down as husband & wife. Now I'm not saying my dad was not hip, or even that he was your standard 20th century male-chauvenist pig that the feminist movement despised. I'm just giving a disclaimer for this picture taken on their wedding day, on a warm summer's day back in 1962.

Curvy Bride: Oh honey, tell me all your secret family recipes!

Tall/Dark/Handsome: You are so beautiful today, and this is the last time I'm touching this pot.

Curvy Bride: It shall shine this bright on our ten year anniversary, I promise!

Now in actuality, this photo embodies more of a closing era than it does my actual parents. If a photog tried to pull this off nowadays, he wouldn't be in business.

And yet...something about this picture, this bygone era is so bittersweet for Mrs. Olsen. It seems to be a time when people took the loving, scrubbing, and feeding of kids a little more serious. And if you were a woman that loved to cook, to snuggle babies, and was enough. Unfortunately, like our good earth, women have seasons in their lives. Which is why I'm going to be a pro volleyball player after my kids are all grown and out of the house. {concerned pause while soft body morphs into a blob on the office chair}. So anyway!

What was started back in 1962, was a beautiful family soon to have five kids who, for the most part, are all handsome, tall, funny, unselfish, and motivated people. The key to our success? My mom's diligent search of bargain racks so we had the latest fashions for the post-game Victory Dances! Okay, okay. The thing is: they were there. There wasn't a game, recital, gymnastics routine, swimming lesson, or military haircut they weren't there for.

So in honor of this 1962 miracle, I'm asking for a Caption to the Above Photo or a link to visual delights you enjoy on the web. Do I really need to have a giveaway for this people? Come on!

In the meantime, here is a list of photogs who are sure to stay in business in the new millenium:


Danielle said...

i love, love, love excellent photography, great links.!!! thanks for the share. It is totally my dream to be able to take great photos..

LGH said...

Amber, I've said it before...I'll say it are a FANTASTIC writer. And, this picture is a should be on the cover of BRIDES magazine! Your parents are beautiful and the setting totally encapsulates the wedding receptions of the 60s. Great article and picture. Absolutely loved it.

Angie said...

Wow! I've never seen Uncle Wade with DARK hair! What a great picture! And by the way, I've yet to find cookies in the freezer, and at this point they would be a welcome sight.

Heather said...

Amber thanks so much for the link action! I appreciate it so! There is a small chance that I may be in Logan this Saturday, if so, I am stopping by to give you a high five. I will be in touch.

paula said...

I would have thought this picture was from an old magazine or something, it's so perfect! It's nice that you recognize the blessing you have in your parents still being together....what an accomplishment for them! I'm jealous.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Oh Paula, your comment made my heart shutter. I still remember feeling devastated when your parents split up when we were in High School. I know you have a great family, but I was sad for you (especially when you left hometown to finish high school as a crummy Tiger). Love you!

Bridget said...

I hope you don't mind me browsing around your blog- I love to read and its interesting. This was an awesome post and having such good examples from my parents and Jeff's both still being married is inspirational and shows that you can never give up! Cool that you appreciate the values you were lucky to have.