Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Steady Like the Tide

There's something about the ocean and it's tide, that will always bring me home. I've never lived by the ocean, but sometimes (and this might seem silly) I can feel its heartbeat. Swoosh. Washhhhh. Again. And Again. Once I slim down and can fit into my size 8's again, I shall take the Mister of the House to the beach and make out. But in the meantime, I'll share my delights from the web that always, constantly, forever, provide the following:

Laughter till it hurts. I could watch this ten times a day and laugh every time. Out loud. It shall never age for me.

The fact that he picks up the mic, then signs off his newscast officially earns him a post as newsanchor by my books. And don't forget the big cushy chair. He'll need it. That Stud.

Motherly love boils over whenever I watch Charlie and his sweet older brother. Plus those accents! If only we could adopt from the UK and have a guarantee they'd keep droppin' the R's like these little mutts. We've all seen this, but I swear it's like wine, and improves with age (i.e. the more bitter and ugly I become, the sweeter these boys remain).

Motherly Love Part Two comes from this kid. Too young and natural to not be telling the truth (in this commercial) makes me want to scoop him up and take him to a good (but clean) action flick. *P.S. he says a word that isn't a big deal in my house because I'm potty training a little boy. But maybe it's a big deal in yours**

Excited. Having been a business owner for years, and wondering how some younger people seem to despise an honest day's work, not to mention the occasional wash of apathy over issues like the war and the environment....well this next clip, in all its simple creativity, makes me stop being annoyed, and start getting excited. For the future.

Humility. Beautiful photos ask: What would it have been like to be there? I often wonder, and yet am grateful for the many written and living witnesses that tell me what my heart already knows : God is our Father. I am His Kid. He Sent His Son. And tough though it may seem at times, sacrifice, patience, humility is really the tough stuff of life.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.


LGH said...

all, very very awesome. While I had seen a couple of these before, I love having them all gathered in one place for quick viewing again. Thank you, dear rock!

Lee Family said...

The little kid who says the dude was "injured." That is classic. Who knew you had so much to say? I LOVE that song set the photos by the Mabry guy. I wish I were technically-savy and could put in on our big tv for a family night. I love the manger scenes I think the best.
kay, love ya.

Mrs. Olsen said...

As far your tech-savvy wish Lee Family, there is a DVD with this presentation available at Deseret Book. Great Sunday viewing options for your little family.

Monica said...

You made me cry...again. Thanks for keeping us on track. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

We love you a jillion! Thanks for the peaceful interlude to my hectic morning. Herm