Tuesday, January 27, 2009


With all the running, eating, praying, playing, yelling, crying, dreaming and thinking...you have to wonder, how are my kids processing all this and how will it all end when they're done growing? What will be their personal evolution. Let's explore our possibilities shall we? Our guinea pig? Vanilla Wafer. In desperate need of a haircut.

Here he is flashing his age, and proud to be 3.

Awwww. Nerdy cute.

The slippery sag of the shoulders, together with the feathered riptide searing the middle of his head, and his trusty crayons filling his front pocket...it's enough to make a mother glow knowing the ladies, the booze, and the bad grades will make a screeching halt upon hitting his nerdy shield.

As a plug for mother's pride and nerdy studs, I thought I'd share this pure-white rap from a skinny, brace-faced teenager who started a no-cussing club that is 30,000 strong worldwide. Mrs. Olsen is just waiting for Rainbow Girl to turn 13 so she can formally sign her up.

Here we are subscribing to the concise prescription for non-conformity. To be a unique and brazen individual, you absolutely must do the following no exceptions!: color your hair an M&M shade, look ticked, and pick up your prom date with a mohawk.

He's wearing this shirt with a sense of irony.

Oh my! Here's Mrs. Olsen back in High School in the great state of Idaho.

[leaning through the cab of his truck while at a red light on Main Street]
Meet me in your tight-arse jeans and big hair September 6th. Eastern Idaho State Fair. Blackfoot. Okay fine! I'll perm the mullet before we go. Just make sure you wear your fishnet v-neck over your pink tubie for the Def Leppard concert.

BTW, Wendy O., if you're reading this and since I just discovered you are a closet butt rocker, you will be in heaven at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The 80's and their horrible music are still going strong there on an annual basis.

And finally...

Happy squirmy 3-year old with a freshly shorn head. For now, we'll take your wrestling, kissing, and obsession with things on wheels as long we keep getting the love. And keep getting no sass. Love you kid!


Wendy said...

Sweet, when's the fair? I would love it.... and I love the pictures. Have a great day.

Wade and Marilyn said...

I actually like the long hair. He's a cutie and what a clever story.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you made him put on a tank top while wearing a mullet. That's a little scary, Amber.

(Not really, though. He's super cute.)


Lee Family said...

The mullet picture is sweeeeeet. He is so cute and I definitely like it short the best. The video didn't work by the way.

You better be careful with all the Bingham county folks reading your blog. The Blackfoot fair is sacred. I would love to hear the "Eye of the Tiger" that you LOVINGly and PassionATEly sang at the Blackfoot fair. You LOVE the Blackfoot fair deep down - admit it.

cozy said...

First I thought you just super imposed a mohawk on my precious boy.
Then I realized he really looked like that for a few minutes!! It scared me just a little bit because I can see the future is just around the corner.
With Rainbow Girl already talking almost exclusively about Hannah Montana at her tender age, I just want to slow the earth's rotation and
watch baby Einstein with my favorite
kids forever . . . It looks to me like Vanilla Wafer was a very good sport. --Cozy (not Kristen)

Advent Creative said...

Ha! Thanks for the comment Lee Family. Amber, I knew you were a secret rocker. I'd love to hear you sing Eye of the Tiger too!!!!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Eye of the Tiger. Does that even qualify as 80's butt rock? When it's immortalized in a Rocky movie, I think it's exempt.

Did I say I didn't love the Eastern Idaho State Fair? Funny that Niki would defend it when she was afraid to ride the rides because the scary "carnies" that were in charge of taking your tickets.

Lee Family said...

You could see some of those "carnies" bum cracks. If that doesn't scare a little girl, I don't know what would.