Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Greens: Getting My Don On

Today I went to the store to stock up on Salad-ness. I sat frozen amongst all the lettuce types, and then suddenly got a hot flash. Hot flash because of Don Draper. Hot flash because of iceburg lettuce and a bygone era called "the 60's".

If you haven't heard of Mad Men, then you live in a cave. If you haven't yet watched it, then you are totally missing out. The attention to detail the cast & crew have paid towards this series has won them awards, and when you watch it you'll see proof that other planets exist not only miles away, but decades as well.

In this other planet called Mad Men, chain smoking is the norm for perfectly coifed (and pregnant) females and a round of shots before noon hits the meeting tables at work. I finally figured out that this world was devoid of delicious and ethnic foods when Don Draper, the main character, travels to California and is introduced to the unheard of and interesting food fare called Mexican food.

Aside from that, you will often find these characters ordering "A Wedge" when they're not getting slammed with a vodka. Give me a Wedge with Bleu Cheese and out comes a quarter slice of iceburg lettuce drifting through the smoky haze of the 1960's restaurant.

So today, I thought I'd try "A Wedge". Check it.

What's even funner, I ate this puppy with a steak knife! One clean crisp slice, fork, and slam it into the ole gullet.

I do declare that a wedge is fun. Even funner is this ranch dressing I discovered:

It's yogurt based and so has half the fat and calories as the other ranch versions. Yippee!


Jenny said...

I love the yogurt dressings!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

LOVE that dress. Salad is good but that dress...

LGH said...

Thanks for the tip on the salad dressing, but I don't think I'll for the wedge. However, they serve it every day at the Golden Corral salad bar.

paula said...

Now that salad looks scrumptious....I am a sucker for favorite thing to eat.

Wade and Marilyn said...

We ate at a very expensive restaurant in SLC, and they served a wedge salad. I had never heard of Mexican food (especially tacos) until I went to USU. My roommates introduced me to the totally delicious food; I then tried it on my family back home, and they kind of liked it. I want some of that dressing.

Lee Family said...

is that dressing delicious or can you tell it's lowfat?because I have yet to find a delicious lowfat dressing. AND that wedge looks yummy! good work on the salads sister. AND I like your new banner on the top but give me a new picture would you. Could you put a glamour shot up instead of blurry/possibly could be a psycho thriller movie? ha ha
but really, I do want a different picture.
AND I have only read about madmen. Is it worthy to add to the DVR list? - I watch way too much tv. okay, love ya. hymn hymn Mother would use this comment as an example of horrible grammar if she were still teaching. Good thing she can't edit me. peace OUT

Lee Family said...

okay, I just read mom's comment. Mom, I'm so proud of you for leaving such a long comment. WoW.

Mrs. Olsen said...

So I guess the wedge still exists. But like Loni (and me) said, for old people living in the 60's or that have never heard of Costa Vida (and eat at Golden Corral).

Niki, artistic blurs hide I don't know if I can accommodate your request.