Friday, July 10, 2009

Milk Burst Dash

Last week was a full party blast when all my Apache Avenue blood descended upon Bear Lake for a 3 day reunion in the woods, at the lake, with the sun and each other. Each couple had a bedroom, and cousins were tucked in throughout floors and couches. That meant that Buddha Baby, my adorable 20 month old "baby" had to sleep in my room. So the 2 a.m. sleepy-time stir turned into a groggy, frothing-at-the-mouth, can't-believe-my-mealticket-is-in-my-room screamfest.

The outcome was this: Mrs. Olsen felt like she had a newborn again with her kid at the teet all night so as to not wake up all the cousins.

Also: Mrs. Olsen needs sleep or she gets ornery.

Lastly: Mrs. Olsen cast the last and final vote over whether Buddha Baby is a little boy or a baby. Because breasts are for lovers and babies, but not little boys.

Something extra: a picture taken by Heathernan Photography at the cabin. Consider this a memorial to the last remaining hours of babyhood (i.e. getting momma's milk) for The Buddha Baby.

Is it just a mother talkin' or is this kid gorgeous?
p.s. my chest is killing me.

So in honor of our new freedom, our cutting of the cord, and our need to still be together (but not attached):

Please vision Mrs. Olsen on this bike with a Buddha Baby in the back. Click on it with all the love for mothers, milk, babies, and families you have in your soul....because they're giving one away July 15th, and I wanna be a contender!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes


Kristen said...

I just followed them on twitter so I could win the bike, too. They're giving away two, so chances are, we'll both win.

Monica said...

I hope you win! I'm proud of you for weaning the babe, and YES! he is gorgeous! Love those pictures of him.

Wade and Marilyn said...

Beautiful baby! Glad you're weaning him.

paula said...

He is beautiful. Did you see Heather? I'm jealous. Good luck with the weaning. I'm glad you nursed him this long.

Your Fellow La Leche League Mother-

Anonymous said...

Love the bike. It's unfortunate I'm so behind on my blog-reading that I'm too late. I hope you win!

Absolutely beautiful boy--I love those little dimples right under his eyes.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Paula...I sure did see Heather. She took about 500 pix of the entire family. We hired her and she did great!

Also, I didn't win. Maybe my blog would be updated if I had won. :(

jennaloha said...

All right no need to be defensive on my Utah County post- I wasn't talking about you :) I would never suspect you of getting a manicure before you'd dare take the kids to the park...

As for the Mesa moms sharing the stereotype- I wouldn't doubt it.

Jolu said...

I freaking love the way you write. Secondly, I love this topic. It made me laugh out loud. And yes those pictures are adorable, it's not just the mom talking. Wow. He is almost a year! And the daughter gets baptized tomorrow! Will you please tell her I miss her and that I am so proud of her? Tell her I will bring her home some special chocolate if she promises to miss me too. :)

Lee Family said...

wow, you said teet on your blog loud and clear right where hoser can freely roam.
offspring 3 (i typed his name and then had to backspace - also i'm typing with one hand cuz my baby is on the - how you say? - teet - and yet i'm still rambling - but please note the lack of caps in all my words. mary would not like) what was i saying, oh, yes - he is so good- looking!

Allen Family said...

You're a trooper. Super trooper, maybe. I only lasted 9 months on punk #2. 1 year with punk one. We'll see punkette 3 goes.

Did I already tell you we have a lady in our ward who nurses her kids til their 3+? He came up to a guy in the church hallway and said, "I still breastfeed." Scary.