Friday, May 15, 2009

Making a Case for Baby

Lactation still becomes me 18 months post-delivery. This is a record for Mrs. Olsen, and she is encountering a roller coaster of emotions: from pride for nursing the beebee and growing a strong connection to come on kid, again?
So I asked for some advice in this department, and the results are in: When asked how long should my Buddha Baby get his mommy's milk...? You said:

Cut him off yesterday 7 (46%)

18 months is a nice round number 2 (13%)

Still a baby until 2 years
4 (26%)

Make La Leche Leaguers Proud with a 3 year old toddler undressing mommy 2 (13%)

Total Votes: 15 Poll closed
Let me cut to the chase. I can't quit. The only way I can do it is to leave for a weekend. Alone. On the Oregon Coast.

And since The Mister of the House works overtime (a blessing in this economy), who knows when that's going to happen. And so, for the sake of my sanity, the question has now become:

and so here I go. Making a case for baby.

such is a mother's dilemma...


London said...

It's amazing how in some pictures I think he looks just like you, and in others I think he looks like a clone of "the mister".

I'm no help with the question at hand, not having the experience and both my girls wanting NOTHING to do with the bottle after 15 months.

KayKayBe said...

Kids are remarkably able to pick up on what is a 'charged' topic for us. Throwing tantrums in church over 'booby juice' (our in- house term, apologies to anyone who might be offended by that)would be a big clue to me that this isn't about nourishment, it's about being in control.
It's totally your call, and I felt sad when I finished nursing my babies, but you have to look at what your motivation is. If it is for health reasons- like he gets frequent ear infections, and you think his immune system still needs a boost, then ok. If it's bc you feel guilty, or your don't want to face his wrath :), then I'd say cut him off. If it's 'he's still a baby, please please please don't grow up', then realize: it's happening every day, and nursing doesn't stop that. I know people that nursed until three, and others who chose to never nurse, and the kids who nursed until three were way smarter. Ok, just kidding. They were ALL think about what you want, what he wants, what mister wants, and don't worry about the rest of us. That's my humble opinion:)

camping anyone said...

oh man, how fun it is to read through your blog! I found it on facebook and I am so glad. I am finding myself laughing out loud. It doesn't sound like your humor has changed (thats a good thing by the way) You commented on my blog once and I didnt know how to find you so now I do. I hope you dont mind but I will check it often now that I have it. It is fun to see what you are your extremly cute children are up to. If you ever make it to Rexburg let me know it would be fun to see you again!
P.S. I loved nursing my babies and they always stopped to early for my liking. The longest I went was 17 mo. My mom nursed one of my sister for 2 1/2 yrs. It could always be worse. I say go with your gut!

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

I'm going to step up and say that 18 months IS still a baby! Many moms find that if they nurse to this age, it really becomes about connection and attachment (which are legitimate needs like nourishment), emotional comfort and knowing that you are "there." And if you're not weaned by now, it's pretty much "child-led weaning" after this point! lol

Oh, do cherish the rubber band wrists, and cheeks, and the way his face goes all angelic when he's relaxed and nursing, and you're pretty much still his WHOLE world.

He'll be turning 16, crushing on girls, and doing community service for walking into the Sports Academy (sans membership) before you know it!

Anonymous said...

He is adorable. You deserve a trip somewhere then you can quit nursing the babe!

Monica said...

Give it up so you can step back for a day and get rejuvenated! Freedom!! I think it helps you be a better mom when you can get away for even a few hours. Love ya!

Mrs. Olsen said...

KKB, thanks for your honesty. Sometimes I think I'm being worked and want to quit. There probably is a little fear of wrath and also fear of engorgement. I hurt. He hurts. So I nurse him and we're both happy.

Joey! So glad you found me. I do check up on you once in a while on your blog and I'm am completely envious of your life amidst the river and mountains. So tell me, is the sibling that nursed 2.5 years the smartest one of the group? ;)

Mom's Sewing Vault...thanks for stepping up with your baby vote. It's good to consider that it's the child's decision at this point (but only if I have faith that he doesn't have the drive to go until age 7...or even 3....did anyone see Empire of the Sun? Wee-eeird!)

Kristen said...

Those pictures are awesome. What a doll. I'm impressed that you can feed him this long (some of are not so lucky). But there is a sense of freedom that comes from weening. You could have a weekend getaway in SLC or Idaho while Wade teaches the little one how fun sippy cups can be. They'll bond.

AmyF Hackworth said...

Hi Amber, I just saw a link to your blog on Facebook. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and the photo evidence for either baby or big boy. It's been a few months now since you posted, and I hope everything shook down just perfectly. It's always fun to see you, even if only online.


Amy Hack

Mrs. Olsen said...

Amy Funny you should ask... I'm drying up this week and Buddha Baby is having a bit of a tough adjustment :( It was time though. So good to see you! (on the blog)