Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is Love?

It might as well be February with all the pondering and celebrations of love recently. We finally married off little brother video buff of The Mister of the House. When the happy couple finally emerged from the stony temple that looks like a castle on a hill...well, it was like paparazzi scrambling to get a shot of Brangelina. Check it out.

Since both my Grandpas passed away before I was married, I got to adopt The Misters Grandpa and Grandma.  Grandpa married the happy couple (like he did for The Mister & Mrs. Olsen nearly ten years ago). Among the many words of wisdom he shared was this: 

Your love is strong right now, but it is not perfect.

He then pointed to the parents and grandparents, and talked about how love becomes more beautiful with age.

What a lovely, happy, and as far as I can tell, perfectly loving couple.

Now let's get down to bid-ness.

Come on, let us have it...

Yippee.  Another picture for my kissing wall.  Is passion love? Are kisses more passionate when love ages?  

Of course, first comes love, then comes marriage.  Nothing like a picture with all the nieces and nephews to prep you for what's to come.

Run now while you have a chance. Take a long, quiet, diaper-free honeymoon immediately before it's too late!

Who's talking?

That was uncalled for. Heck, there's nothing like children to bring you closer together.

Right? Right? Okay, that was formerly a crook for my offspring.  Take a joke why dontchya?  

btw, there's my long and apparently invisible layers of my first ever haircut in 5 years.  We're calling that phase 1 (of 2) in my hair makeover.  Besides we've got to keep it long enough to have the quintessential romantic hairdo of the century.

Modeled by the latest Mrs. Olsen, formerly known as Jen Adair.  Simple, classy, and gorgeous. What a perty bride.

Speaking of love manifest through hair, check out my daddio.

Poor guy's been without his bride for the past 3 weeks.  So here's love in action.  My folks can't seem to survive being apart from each other.  In order to prove his total dependence on my mom, my dad decided to grow a beard, be a hermit, and live on Cheetos the entire time she's been gone.  Sorry to break it to ya dad, but you failed the Louis L'Amour Cowboy Course: your beard really stinks.  But I think you made up for it with your sweet hairy eyebrows.  Thanks for riding your horse down my way to pay me a visit.

Maybe romantic love gets stronger the second generation down.  

When you start out young, bright-eyed and in love, do you really see this coming down the road?

Grandpa Love sure seems to be running strong around here.  Before he even pulled his loveboat of a car out of my driveway, Rainbow Girl turned to me all sad and said: "I miss him already".

I miss him too!  Of course, there's one thing me and my dad will always share: a crooked back.  Which is why I have been basking in this phase of my love life because I seriously got a 2 hour shoulder rub, back massage last night from The Mister of the House.   He insisted I watch Star Trek: Wrath of Khan so I could be properly prepared to see the new Star Trek movie in the theatre.  But it's more than just a nerdy sci-fi movie people that's motivating us here people!  Only true love could keep that shoulder burn going the entire time....


is anyone still reading this?


KayKayBe said...

Star Trek was good- we saw it last night. What's next with the hair? I'm a little too low maintenena nc myself...I live with a hair stylist and still only get it cut every 6 months!

jennaloha said...

Nawww, I had stopped reading long before your question at the end


that means just kidding. It was a scattered random coverage of current events but I couldn't look away and stayed constant til the end. Entertaining and quirky as always.

Anonymous said...

Your daddio says the beard wasn't that bad!

Kristen said...

This was great. I loved the pictures of G & G at the temple and the SPACE in your family picture was hilarious. Well done.

Candice said...

Beautiful. I love the quote from Grandfather Sealer. Beautiful. I love that you were sealed by someone who knows you. I think that is more powerful when you are sealed to the sealer.

Ours did not know us. I think that it still worked though:).

Your pictures are awesome too.