Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Testimony Tuesday on a Wednesday

For this week, I don't have a guest post.  I am also hoping some of you will take the quick survey on the sidebar about Testimony Tuesdays.  Please enjoy this clip from a powerful talk given by Joseph B. Wirthlin, just months before he passed away.  

As I have (and continue) to grow in faith, I have often wondered 

Is faith to change my circumstances?   or endure them?  

Does true faith give us power to move mountains, or the courage to climb them?  

This short clip dips into some of these themes and ideas that are recurring in my life, and illustrate the beauty of      c o n t e n t m e n t, f a i t h, and the undisputable necessity for h u m o r in our lives.  

Not included in the clip is the hilarious account of his daughter going on a blind date.  You can read the full version here or simply sit back and enjoy this snippet here with Mrs. Olsen.   Take it away Joseph B.


Lee Family said...

I remember this talk. Just think if everyone abided by his advice what a happier world this would be - the Boston drivers would give an inviting wave or gesture instead of a middle finger.

Anonymous said...

I have heard parts of his talk quoted many times, and the "Come What May and Love It" has become very popular.

Anonymous said...

I loved his talk and have heard parts of it quoted many times.