Thursday, May 21, 2009

simply here

It's been almost a year since we moved to our new life on a bigger lot with some chickens. The weeding I need to be doing is....amazing. overwhelming.

When my daddio was here a couple weeks ago, he kept a leash on Buddha Baby during the neighbor mommies volleyball game at the church. And between chasing down his grandkid, he peeked over to see if his kid still had it on the court. I tried to prove I could still play like I did in High School, "Did you see that spike dad?" and threw my back out. As in flat on for 3 days. And now 2 weeks later, still popping the Excedrin about once a day so I don't stiffen up.

Over the weekend, I felt weird. I tried to slow-mo my way through the day's tasks, and ended up chucking in the garden. I then plunged into bed for 24 hours with chills, aches, and nausea.

Point being: We're in need of some breaks. Here's how I simplified this week:

Now if you want some better simple advice, then read what The Flourishing Mother said here.


Candice said...

You are a rockstar. I still think that it would be neat to have enough land to have chickens, or a goat...I just wonder how labor intensive such projects are.

By the way, we got our palate of food storage from Emergency Essentials. I had done it several years ago with Everyday Food Storage. I have liked both.

It is better to slowly build through sales and things, but I just felt like I needed to get it all done, so we ordered it all together in a package.

That is probably way too much information.

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Sorry about the back. Getting older bites. My dad has been telling me that for years, and I'm finally catching on.

Back when I lived in Boise, there was a lady who gave an Enrichment lesson about saving time, and one of the things she said to do is get rid of the silverware divider and just dump the clean utensils in a drawer. They're going to ask you to teach Enrichment next month--be ready!


Mrs. Olsen said...

Candice. Not too much information. You are buying the good stuff I bet. After the apocalypse and we're all camping liking'll be rice and beans for my posse and you'll probably be eating rehydrated strawberries with lasagne. Tell me more.

Wendy- silverware trays are overrated. Thanks for backing me up on that.

Lee Family said...

I went for years without a silverware drawer. My friend in Seattle, Rebecca, was so annoyed that I didn't have any organization to my silverware. One day I was talking to her on the phone rummaging through the drawer for a certain utensil for so long that she pointed it out to me and then bought me a silverware tray/organizer. Love it. so I have to disagree with Bos and Wanda's enrichment teacher.

Monica said...

Getting rid of the organizer!? AAAGHHH!!! I don't know--does that really simplify your life? Love ya, either way, organizer or not!