Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lagoon is for Lovers

I was about Rainbow Girl's age when I went to Utah's home-fry amusement park Lagoon and beheld a teenage lovefest while waiting to ride the roller coaster. It was the blessed decade called "The 80's" and tight acid-washed jeans were everywhere. I saw a rubby-dubby couple around 16 or 17, and stared slackjawed in the roller coaster line surveying the first hickey I had ever witnessed in the flesh. It was the size of a golf ball. The mullet stud in front of me advertised it by unbuttoning his sleeveless shirt down past his single chest hair. And his ratty-hair-with-wings-lover clung to his neck like an infant.

So now it's nearly two decades later, married with kids. Hickeys are old news to me. But it's true that my recent jaunt to Utah's mini-Disneyland was a lovefest indeed.

Here I am feeling the love and wanting to be coy on camera. The Mister was having none of that. But it's not for lack of love mind you. Since he was five, he's always acted approximately two decades older than his real age. That means he's like a silver-haired fifty-ish old guy right now who worries about retirement, missionary funds, and keeping the lawn green. It works!

When we went on the swings, I hoped to catch some happy girls at play.

When Lagoon can melt a good 3 or 4 decades off The Mister of the House, I just get giddy inside.

Plus there's something about his sheer intelligence that makes me all warm & fuzzy inside. For The Mister of the House, he can observe, deduce, understand, and reenact. I watched his mind work while he observed all the whirly twirly roller coasters at Lagoon.

Be still my heart! Since The Mister is such a smartie pants, I figured I would carry on a family tradition started by my mother on family vacations....spellchecking! Look at me Mister! Look at my brain catch bad pronunciation!

It may be possible that Rainbow Girl got her heartstrings tugged as well.

As long as puberty isn't a factor, we're enjoying this innocent little tryst.


Candice said...

You tempt me into a Lagoon Fest. I have not been since high school. I did not know about the hickey part.

Anonymous said...

And all this time I thought VIRGINIA is for lovers . . .

Seriously, though, great post. Love the photos and the captionating. (And the fence. Ow!)


Tara said...

Glad you had a great time! We're headed there tomorrow with Tami/Jeff, Tisha/David, and Mom/Keith.

Jen Adair said...

Love the post! Makes me want to jet down to Lagoon this weekend:) And Amber you are such an amazing writer!

Wade and Marilyn said...

I thought the hickey show could only happen at Blackfoot Fair. I thought Lagoon was a class act after the Blackfoot fair.
you so funny sissy. I just like to read the way your brain works.

I wish I could have seen you and Wade get drenched and then I would have laughed and laughed and laughed. love ya, Ninn

Kristen said...

Amazing. Loved the post. Loved the photos. Love you.