Friday, March 4, 2011

Why You Want to Move to the Inner-City and Put Your Kids in Public School

So apart from having occasional neighbors that hardly know you think you're a freak for posting your life on the interweb, there is a draw to blogging that keeps you coming back (amidst possible scorn?). It is this: you learn so much about family and friends that you thought you already knew.

In the case of little brother of The Mister of the House, all I knew was that he and his lovely wife were moving far away to teach for a couple of years before settling into Law School. Back in them old 90's, we would have said goodbye, let us know when you're pregnant, and we'll see you at Christmas!

But now thanks to the interweb, and blogs, it's amusing to realize how kids can be clones of their parents when you didn't see it coming (as is the case with little bro-in-law). Or really watching someone come into adulthood since little bro was 14 when I married into the family.

And then there's the realization that as a former student, and English Major, I secretly longed for the teacher that would think I was special, mentor me to greatness, and think I had something to offer the world (although you are never quite sure what that is or was). If you grew up in the 90's, and absorbed the ever-loved movie Dead Poets Societ , you wanted O Captain, My Captain!

And it appears that Jackson & Celeste are El Capitan's to many students in one of the lowest performing public schools in the nation. As part of the Teach for America Program, they have been sent into schools with high drop-out and poverty rates, and from what I can tell, they are making a huge difference.

That is why I couldn't help sharing Jackson's (little bro) recent take on the Gettysburg Address. I'm pretty sure my mom has already shared it with all of her friends. It's inspiring to all levels of learners and teachers.


Round 2 is below:

Keep up the good work Jack and Les!


earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

There is nothing cooler than a white guy rapping.


Lucky kids!

Celeste said...

Amber, we feel so honored to be the subject of one of your awesome blogs!! Thanks for the props... we really appreciate your blog as it makes us feel a lot closer to you. Love you!

Wade and Marilyn said...

I love what he does.