Monday, March 7, 2011

Anderson Talent: Part I

There's something to be said about using your childhood years, even into college, to developing your talents. There's no other time to be quite so focused, and even a little selfish. My ma and pa paid for me to take lessons in piano, clogging, gymnastics, and skiing. Later when I played athletics, they paid for volleyball and basketball camps, which weren't cheap. They also watched every single boring game I ever played in (I think my high scoring game in basketball was 6 points. Woo!)

The lessons and hard work during those years helped me play the piano for congregations throughout The South during my missionary service. The tinkering of a few guitar cords from my buddy Kristi helped me woo The Mister of the House with a simple song. The dad as a wise coach, plus the cost of volleyball camps helped me to play with a State Championship Winning Volleyball Team in High School.

So I remember having the very clear thought when I became a wife and mother, that it was now the time to be the beneficiary of those lessons and that season of "developing talents", and that my progression had ceased. Yet I was to be grateful at the same time. Why would I spend $50 a month on guitar lessons when I could use that money for diapers?

I had a good season of talent building, but the transition to mother would mean all resources would now be poured into my offspring.

This was my take on it for many years. But then my little sissy, a mother of three kids and the wife of an overworked medical student, composed a hymn!

She sent it to me to look at and play through. I was blown away! How dare she progress in the piano department when I had become a martyr to my own kids development!

Yet this hymn was the first of many songs she has composed. I love that she is disciplined enough to sit down and do this. I love the creativity she channels, and I love the message of her music.

Recently, her oh-so-proud mother entered her hymn into a showcase event at BYU-Idaho. Though little sis was thousands of miles away, an auditorium of people sang along to the hymn she composed. It's based on Helaman's Stripling Warriors, and is called "Warrior Families".

Anyone wanting a copy of this music, make a comment here and I'll see if the sis can oblige.


Clay Olsen said...

I really liked it! I'm thinking that the youthful soprano voice came from one of Monica's offspring, sitting by her Grandma Marilyn. She did a nice job. I hope I'm worthy of a copy. Love Ya!

cozy said...

Okay, that was Cozy (not Clay) that made the above comment! Clay did visit me this weekend which might explain the glitch.

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Shut. Up.

Niki has been holding out on me. It's a good thing she's got a big sister to brag on her.

And Niki--I'm ward choir director. I NEED you! Watch your email. :)

Love all you talented Andersons. Thanks for making the world a better place!

Wade and Marilyn said...

Thanks for posting her song. The beautiful voice you can hear is from Lexi, our oldest granddaughter.

LGH said...

Amber, great post; great song. what talent you all have. BTW, you rock in the writing department, so see you are using your talents at this stage in your life. You are farming - now, that is a rare and unusual talent. Hey, you've got it going in the us"ing your talents" field.

Lee Family said...

I agree with Kristi's mommy, AND I'll add one more to the list - Volleyball - a woman of many talents! I wonder if you should have gotten Lexi's approval before her big debut singing practically a solo with the recorder so close to her. You're awesome for making me feel good about myself - thanks sissy.
oh, and they kind of sing it wrong - or the organist totally changed one chord or something - I can't competely figure out what is wrong - but something is not right.
luv ya sis.

Marne said...

Oh yes...I need a copy as well! Awesome Niki! You are very talented.

Marne said...

I love Marilyn at the end..."turn it off." You guys are great!

Mrs. Olsen said... have the talent of always being positive and happy. I love you! You remind me of my mother-in-law too (in a very good way).

p.s. the volleyball years have been a gift in my adulthood. Tis true sissy. Come over and let's play.

Bev Ramsey said...

Niki, you are amazing and so talented. I loved it! I can't wait to show Keith and have him listen. Yes, we would love a copy. This goes down in history!!!Love you. Bev