Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Because we chose to hire a Certified Nurse Midwife with a Birthing Center over 100 miles from my little valley, I have taken lots of little day trips to The Great Salt Lake. One of the bonuses of these trips, and because I rarely leave home otherwise, has been reconnecting with old friends.

Here's Paula with her latest offspring {insert longing female sigh here}. When I called my old high school buddy Paula and said I'd be in the neighborhood, she offered to make me lunch. "Oh, you're doing your salad thing! My husband made some awesome smoked salmon...does that sound good on a salad?"

"YES" I said truthfully. Though excited, I felt a little guilty.

I hate salad right now. Wait, let me rephrase that...

I ate an entire package of Girl Scout Cookies yesterday, and the thought of rinsing, draining, chopping, & layering fresh greens seems like an undue chore most days.

What with my blogg-y pronouncements of keeping up with the greens until the end of this pregnancy; with my holiday sugar buzz leaving me resolute to walk (not even jog, skip, or run) the 3-mile-loop three times a week during my last trimester; my intent to infuse this child with a love of vegetables in the womb and because I was already on a roll...I'm not sure why I have turned into my own worst enemy. Perhaps I'm finding a reliable scapegoat in these hormones. The truth is, I stuck my middle finger to my green leaf resolution and I feel awesome/horrible about it.

And yet, fix me a salad, especially like the delicious one Paula gave me (with a golden fork no less!) and I'm in heaven. It tastes delicious to me, and deep down I know that I still crave it.

What is up?!

Not only did Paula's visit give me a guilt trip about not keeping my word, it gave me clarity that salad is still a huge part of my future. More importantly, the visit gave me some cute, clean, non-stained hand-me-down baby stuff for the little mutt growing in my gutt. Check it.

Paula is super creative. I had no idea she could sew in high school, but she seriously makes the cutest stuff! Check out her craft blog here.

The outfit and bib she embellished with fabrics from the awesome custom car-seat blanket. The reversible car-seat blanket is in place and waiting for my baby son.

As a bonus of going through bins of baby stuff, I found the doll that was crocheted by my Grandma Anderson. I'm pretty sure every granddaughter received one. I remember her invitation to come and pick a doll, where there was an array of color combinations you could choose from. I used to love to wrap this doll up in her never-to-be-lost blanket.

For now, this little doll, a labor of love, is a place-holder inside the soft, clean, and longing to snuggle my son blanket from Paula.

A little over 3 weeks to go!


paula said...

I'm so glad you stopped by. It was great to see you and catch up. Don't feel guilty about not eating salad while your pregs.....I didn't either for the same reason....the thought of preparing it was just TOO MUCH! You look beautiful. I'll make you a salad any day of the week in exchange for some of that delicious bread and those rockin eggs.

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

I remember those dolls. I think I played with yours when you weren't looking so Niki and I could both be mothers to twins.

Good luck with the last little bit---

Lee Family said...

Paul is sOOOOO creative. I love her stuff.
Dude, that doll brought back some serious memories. I LOVED those dolls. Man, you kind of sound like a punkish older sister in these memories. locking us in a closet - not allowing us to play with your doll. What else did you do to us? I only remember the good memories. But, I bet there are more stories of torture and cruelty I have just suppressed.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Listen "earwax" and "LeeFam"...no more commenting on the same post. I totally was NOT that big sister. Yes, I locked you in the closet once for over an hour. But I'm quite certain I didn't care if you played with my doll. Not to mention clothes, earrings, sleepovers, rides...where's the love guys?

Jenny said...

I had the hardest time eating salad when I was pregnant! So excited for your baby and birth!