Friday, November 26, 2010

Thoughts on Three

For me, 3 years feels like nothin' special. It takes me just about that long to put the names with the faces with the houses of all my neighbors. There are some projects that I've been meaning to finish for that long. There are some friends I haven't seen in over three years, who, upon reunion would pick up old jokes and memories as if they happened yesterday.

But 3 years is a big deal when it comes to little people.

And for now, this kid (now 3) is my last primeval link to raw motherhood. He is my baby (even now while a new crop grows inside me). As for being a mother of a 3-year-old, with 3 children, I have learned that some kids come with their own personality. I despise to see overindulged kids who are in obvious control of their parents:

Like this past summer when I was behind a mom at the grocery store. She was with her pre-schooler who had over 20 mosquito bites just on his face. She is laughing and joking in line about how her kid just hates repellent and refuses to put it on. Ha ha ha! Oh well. Deadly viruses going around with mosquitoes but he hates it!

Inside I'm thinking...who's the boss here?

But then I head to Thanksgiving Dinner with lots of extended family and my "baby" is wearing these for shoes:

In my demand for common sense parental override (think of mosquito lady), I insisted he take off his red shorts and get long pants on. He wore his Buzz Lightyear "jwamas" because they are long sleeve and it's winter. And while other 3 year olds, dressed in jeans with festive sweaters and leather shoes were put in the corner to finish their plates before moving onto pie, my child ate a pile of meat and 2 his jwamas.

Plus that picture was taken by The Buddha Baby...on my camera that he found while I was busy with turkey dinner. And yes since his "phone playtime" my ringer no longer works. Sorry I keep missing everyone's calls.

I hate to admit it: but I think this kids got my number. I'm trying my hardest not to be mosquito lady but when I'm in public, and I keep telling myself "pick your battles mother" I wonder if I'm in the front of the grocery line lugging a swollen miserable kid left to his own devices.

But let's be honest, he would totally have your number too.


Here's why we love this kid around here:

Notice this Star Wars, true blue t-shirt purchased by Grandma Anderson. This shirt has caused a revolution in our house. He wears it all day, to bed, and cries when I peel it off him to throw in the wash. Blue has overthrown pink as his new favorite color.

He's just a rough and tumble boy and it's pretty darn cute.

Even water fountains have no chance on his mad jedi/spiderman/tough guy skillz.

As a personality adjustment to kid #3, I have learned that if I really want him to go quickly down for a nap during the day (this doesn't happen at I'm still the boss right?) I need to lay down with him. Usually when he's especially unreasonable, whiny, or bossy...we lay down and he gets a much-needed recharge. Lately? He's whiny and I think he needs a nap and I end up taking one alone.

I'm worried that unreasonable, whiny, and bossy is the new 3-year old standard. Time will tell.

He happens to have the softest skin on the planet by the way. Have you ever kneaded super-soft white flour bread dough? Those are his thighs, cheeks, and tummy. He is french pastry all silky and smooth. I think I kiss him 50 times a day.


Wade and Marilyn said...

I hate to tell you this, but he's got your number. Lots of love. He is absolutely beautiful.

Holly said...

He's adorable, and so are you. I love the way that you write! Wanna write something like that for my kids?

LGH said...

Amber, your pictures and story telling are superb. It's like reading a great book, and you hope it won't end any time soon.

jennaloha said...

I relate. My baby girl is 4 and wears melon plaid with pink stripes: Mom, it matches! It's both pink! And we go that way to Cosco and I forget she doesn't match because she's such a good girl in the store and never throws tantrums when I say she can't have stuff. You definitely pick your battles. I would pick the repellant battle to fight with fervor, however.

Great post, my old friend that feels like a new friend even though I haven't seen you for 3 years times 5. Plus 3.

Celeste said...

I can't believe he's already 3! I love hearing stories about him, what a hoot.

Anonymous said...

I kiss my three-year-old at least 50 times a day, too.

Candice said...

A new crop? Does that mean congratulations?

I love the ninja moves with the fountain. That spraying water did not have a chance.

Monica said...

Love the Buddha Baby! It's good to have one child who challenges everything you thought you knew as a parent. Keeps us humble, right?