Friday, April 30, 2010

Little Boy Blue Cries Till He Gets His Way

Now that I've established that my son is a Jedi-in-training (see previous post), and that he's sure to dominate the galaxy someday with his testosterone, acting talent, and handsome good looks, then I can make my confession.

Let me start here: I throw some cold cereal in one of my colorful Ikea bowls, and the monkey throws a fit unless it's in his favorite color.

Next clue: the kid wears the same shoes every day for over a year. He's very particular about wearing thin sock without extra fluff around his toes, and with the seam not crowding the edges of his feet.

So The Mister of the House takes him to the store to pick out new shoes, and my Buddha Baby got stuck!

Breakfast cereal all again. Gotta have his favorite color. If you haven't guessed it by now, it is pink.

I love how this kid is opinionated, feisty, adorable, tan, and in love with his mama. Every day he hugs me close and says : "I wuf you mom.".

We did get him some new shoes by the way, and he came home and bragged about having "pink shoes". Maybe I'll get them on here tomorrow.

Happy Weekend!


Allen Family said...

Maybe it's a third child syndrome? My friend has three boys and her youngest is obsessed with pink! But his obsession goes beyond the color to include all girlie pink stuff, such as tiaras, Barbies, etc. I always say, "Real men wear pink." Okay, I don't always say it, but I do say it sometimes. I tried finding Brody Boy a pink dress shirt for Easter, but didn't succeed. Work the pink Buddah Boy!

Rands Family said...

That is funny that he likes pink. Kids can really have oppions sometimes and it is funny if you try to steer them away from them they will have nothing to do with what you think they should do or like. They want what they want and they will stick to them like glue sticks to paper.

Wade and Marilyn said...

Do the pink shoes have sequins? He is adorable.

Lee Family said...

Where have I been? ha ha, so funny that he loves pink - and I guessed it was green or blue when I was looking at the Ikea dinnerware so what a surprise as I scrolled down the post.
Ah, it kind of reminds me of a princess mom who wanted her daughter to wear high heels and brush her hair but all she wanted to do was wear hiking boots and "shower-and-go"
ha ha
okay, so I'm sorry I haven't checked for a while - USUALLLy you tell me to check your blog so you were enabling me so really, it's your fault.

Monica said...

You've come a long ways from your firstborn child who was forbidden to wear pink, even though she was a girl! You've officially come full circle, baby. By the way, Danner loves pink too. Pink, football, and motorbikes. Go figure.