Tuesday, November 16, 2010

growing up

Over the weekend I ske-daddled to Idaho for 2 root canals. Lame. I stayed at my parents house, retreated to my old bedroom, and climbed into the giant bed I use to share with my sister. I had a sad revelation.

Here is why this picture is lame (and in a class of lame-ness way beyond 2 root canals if that is even possible):

A) My folks house lay on a bluff above those famous Idaho potato fields (and I do mean miles and miles of them). We moved there from Apache Avenue back in 1991.

B) The bedroom window would overlook these fields, which were wheat half of the time. The dirt sucked all the light pollution and made for brilliant stars.

C) Way off in the horizon, you could see the tips of the Teton Mountains. Moon + Mountains + Glowing Fields = Heaven.

D) I could sleep with the blinds open and not worry about neighbors 10 feet away peeking in on my bid-ness.

E) Every night I would open the blinds, and sleep on the right side of the bed because it was closest to the window/stars/moon/fields.

F) This is how the right side of the bed officially became "my side" of the bed when I became Mrs. Olsen. It had everything to do with this bed, this room, and this Idaho.

G) When I was just in Idaho this weekend (alone)I threw open the covers on the left side of the bed. That is because it was closest to the bathroom. I didn't even open the blinds.

H) It took a few minutes until I realized what I had done and how far I had fallen! Then I took this picture in disbelief.

And that is what happens when you grow up!


Candice said...

When I used to look at the world's number one sunsets out of my west facing Rexburg, ID window at night, I actually wondered if the sunsets in Africa would be better. I mean, Rexburg could not possibly have the best in the world, could it?

I went to Africa, and Rexburg still wins. I took so much for granted while I was there.

When I go home, I too often forget to go outside, breathe the cleanest air I have ever known, and look at the stars that I can actually see.

Wade and Marilyn said...

You make Rexburg and our home sound like Heaven. Bless you!

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

So true--growing up is not always a getting higher.

Anonymous said...

You're not that lame. Look how much you've gotten in touch with mother earth lately. you're journey back to your camper-woman roots is still going on but you have come so far.

Patty said...

Reading your post made me homesick for the smells of the farm and the coolness of the evening air in Idaho. We have happy memories, don't we?

Mrs. Olsen said...

Candice...oh how I wish I could see an African sunset! And you are right, they are world class (I'm realizing this the older I get and the more places I go).

Patty, our Idaho misses us both and I miss you!