Friday, September 10, 2010

The First Gifts of Ireland

Gift One: Hostess with the Mostest. Beautiful a tree.

But lives in a hip post-modern apartment with a spare bedroom (wahoo!)

Gift two: A raw salad on day two of the trip!

Gift three: We visited a castle, and followed a trail to a cave on the hillside. Wouldn't you know that growing wild and free all along the trail were some blackberries. They were delicious with my cereal this morning.

This is me "posing" for a photograph, when I really wanted to capture this quintessential irishman walking through the woods. Tweed jacket, newsboy cap, and an umbrella that poses as a walking stick. I just knew that should I have passed him on the trail, he would have said "Top o' the morning to ya". Right?

Hey and miss you (thanks Grandma!)


paula said...

I'm loving the updates while your gone. That tree is amazing!

Monica said...

That is a crazy tree. And I love your sly picture-taking. Thanks for documenting your trip--I love it!

Jen Adair said...

Looks like you guys are having a ball!

Allen Family said...