Thursday, September 9, 2010

City of Steel, Bowl of Greens

Yesterday, I was "en-route" to my European Vacation for just over 24 hours. Ugh. What time is it? One of my fears on this trip has been: Will I be able to get my salad a day? Well yesterday, during our 7-hour layover in New York, I put these fears to the test. Check out my little mini New York adventure below:

Upon emerging from the swarthy subway tunnels, I emerged into the cliched version of New York that is Times Square. Immediately we were dazzled by the lights, the energy, people, shops, and advertisements.

My first thought was this: I wonder if any trees can grow here. It was several blocks before I found this.

Not technically a tree, but living and green. Maybe my miniature adventure should have been to Central Park huh?

So since we went straight for the cliche New York life, my next thought was this: I want a New York Dawg.

I had images of Tina Fey, long lines of weary corporate workers, and downing some meat the farmgirl in me doesn't want to think about with onions, relish, catsup, and mustard.

We succeeded. Here's my man with our New York Dawg. I was disappointed only catsup and mustard were available, but after a 5 hour flight with a small cup of water and some nuts, I was ready to eat a roasted rat.

Not really, that would be gross. My point is, I try not to buy or eat hotdogs, but man was that dog good!

Bonus! Snapped a photo of the Times Square Naked Cowboy's competition. What is she? The Naked Cowgirl? I'm not sure, but I learned The Naked Cowboy recently sued her for...infringement? I shouldn't put things on the blog I don't know anything about, but there you have a fairly naked woman amongst the lights and action of New York.

My last and final thought before we had to jet back onto the subway was this: Where can I get a salad?

Then we found a little deli that sold raw greens, fruits, sushi, and pastas for $7.99 a pound.

The noodles make it look gross, but it was the perfect end to my mini New York adventure. For just five bucks, I snarfed fresh strawberries, kiwi, ginger dressing, and a couple sushi rolls that had no chance in heck of growing within 20 miles of the deli, but which tasted absolutely fresh and delicious.

Well that's it for now. Good night/afternoon/morning...I'm not sure which one.


paula said...

Oh my-your vacation came up fast. I hope you have a great time. Too bad you only had a short time in New York City. It's my favorite city to visit and there is an insane amount of stuff to do there....and good food to eat. Be safe and have a great trip. I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it.

LGH said...

Hey, only YOU could find a fresh salad in the craziness of Times Square. I had never seen a picture of the naked cowgirl, although I'd heard about her. So, now thanks to you, I've had enough of a look to satisfy me. So very glad you get to do this incredible trip. Can't wait for more of the adventures.

Monica said...

I am glad you got a little taste of New York City. Did it stink? That is my most vivid memory of NYC--the stench. I hope you have a wonderful vacation! You deserve it!

Lee Family said...

I finally checked the blog. Mom said you emailed the fam and I keep checking my email. I love the NY pictures. Isn't it funny that no one is looking at the naked cowgirl? - like this stuff just happens every day. Those NYorkers - nothing throws them for a loop I guess. You're funny that you were looking for a living tree/bush. I would have just been looking at all the advertisements or something. Anyway, love ya.

jennaloha said...

Well, a bush grows in Brooklyn, you have proof. Hey I thought of you when I was flying home from Indiana yesterday- figuring you were on your trip too. Pretty sure that if I was in THIS MUCH AWE with my flight across my own country, how much more AWE-some of a view you must be having in Ireland. Isn't this just the most beautiful world ever?

Allen Family said...


Mrs. Olsen said... didn't smell too bad. Maybe now it's worthy for a revisit.

Jenna-true indeed. Most beautiful world EVER.