Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week of Salad Highlight

My week of salad sortof got sidelined by life, a 3 day weekend, and a trip to I-dee-ho. Instead of a painful recap of my fibrous outings, here's a highlight from last week's salad audit. Be excited.

My momma cooked up some delicious lettuce wraps. We just carefully pulled off full layers of iceberg lettuce. Here's your first, and I might add optional, step.

My pops is funny like that. When you eat at his table, you'll find yourself saying things like:

" Want some lettuce with your salt?"
" Need some bread with your butter?"

But I'll go easy on the old fart cause he's on a veggie kick and he's lost 11 pounds. Way to go, Daddio!

And here's the priest that will marry your salad in all its flavors.


Wade and Marilyn said...

As of today, he's lost 16 pounds--yeah!

Anonymous said...

that looks yummy - and seeing that snow in the backyard made me a little homesick to sit in a green recliner and look out over the fields. Ninn