Friday, January 1, 2010

Letter: Dear 2009 Self

Dear 2009 Self,

As usual, you had great intentions for the year 2009:
some religion (read the standard works...I think)
some nature (grow a square pumpkin and/or watermelon)
some health (basically look like you did when you were 21)

Hmmm, let me check back to your old blog post, cause I can't even remember the others. ... Hang on just a sec (*whistling).

Okay, I'm back. There was lots of others. By the looks of things, you didn't really take the bull by the horns, or even the tail. You don't even know what a bull looks like do you?

What's wrong, Father Time got your tongue?

Love Always,
The Yearning but Never Arriving Mrs. Olsen


Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

It happens! I didn't make all of my goals - but I'm older and wiser so that is good

Wade and Marilyn said...

We love you!