Sunday, December 27, 2009

Letter: Dear 5th Graders

I went homemade this Christmas in at least one department: art. With my trusty supplies of...
old photos
exacto knife
fine-line sharpies
colored pencils
scrapbook paper
and The Mister of the House...
I daresay Mrs. Olsen spent a good 20 hours making some exceptional 5th Grade Art. Eat your heart out elementary punks!

Remember the hole on Rainbow Girl's Wall? This lil' guy is going there. I call it "Egg Delivery". The Mister of the House saved my frozen brain when he came up with the trees, hills, and sun. Thanks sweetie pie!

I daresay I got some inspiration from a real artist who's whimsical take on motherhood was a breath of fresh air. Check out some inspiration from artist Emily McPhie
here. She's the real deal, and I hope one day to own one of her pieces.

Next up, a take on Vanilla Wafer's current obsession: Spiderman.

See that smile? I swear he can light up a stadium with that smile, and I hope he feels that happy when he sees himself saving the day as our favorite webbed crusader.

Poor Buddha Baby got left out cause Mrs. Olsen got burned out. Maybe next time kid!

5th Graders? No More Autographs Please.

Your Elementary Artist in Residence,

Mrs. Olsen


Angie said...

Very Cool Amber! This will make a fabulous addition to Rainbow Girls fab new room! Way to go!

LGH said...

Amber, this is so fantastic!

What great room decor for your kids. You are such a great mom! Absolutely loved the ideas, your art work, the creativity. Awesome job, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen.

LGH said... your theme going on right now of Dear......


paula said...

I'll trade you straight across-a kick A goose outfit or two for one of these of my kid? I love them and I want one for my little man's room.

jennaloha said...

Was Spiderman in Driggs when you shot that pic, because I had forgotten all about that Mike's Eats. Glad Spidey was there to capture that thug that had probably come from spraying graffiti on the Teton Dam.

Lee Family said...

Oh my so-creative sissy. I would dare say, "Eat your heart out 9th graders." You're way beyond 5th graders. ha ha .No, eat your heart out college students . . . you're that good. That spidey's smile is sooo contagious. very very awesome. love em. You should not just volunteer at the art class but freakin' teach the art class at her school. Love ya. Happy New year.

Mrs. Olsen said...


It's a deal! I'll stalk your blog for stuff I might need and let you know what I'm short.

Mrs. Olsen said...

"Eat your heart out 9th graders" made me laugh. Out loud. A.K.A. LOL :0

Anonymous said...

Love your art--especially love Spiderman's smile. Every picture I took of him this weekend, he was shooting the spider web with his hand.

Lee Family said...

excuse me. I have 2 new posts Mrs. Olsen. and I called you and Happy New Year.

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Awesome, Amber. I'm going to steal that idea sometime.