Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Letter: Dear Norma (and Marilyn)

Dear Mothers,

I am sorry I said shittake mushrooms in my last post. Sometimes the she-bear in me starts a-ragin' and then I have to say Sshhhh.

It happens.

If I could re-write the last paragraph, I would say: So please eat poo. I am really really really mad at you right now.

Working on being a more virtuous woman, letting go and letting God.

Mrs. Olsen


LGH said...

Amber, your anger was well placed and for such a good reason.

Lee Family said...

Hell ya you should be apologizing.

paula said...

Oh dear-your ears wouldn't last a day at my house.

jennaloha said...


If you fake it, then you don't have it. Like the cardiac arrest...

Oh, and I thought you could rewrite your own posts. Silly me.