Sunday, January 4, 2009

Forging Ahead into Aught-Nine

I love how this blog makes me look cooler than I am. Or maybe it's helping to get me off the chair and have something to show for myself. It's weird when good friends or sisters make comments with exclamation points (myself included). A show of conversation, but a real reconnection to people you've lost in the shuffle. I like it, I mean, keep 'em comin'. I'm not making fun okay? It's cute. And interesting.

So anyway, maybe since I wrote a sizable resolution list last year on paper, then tucked it away somewhere so I could hang on to it, then promptly lost it, and became forgotten in the blur of 2008...well, maybe having the blog will be good for that. Make me more accountable. Perhaps send some cheerleaders on the way. For what it's worth, here's the positive changes I hope to forge into the aught-nine. My Resolutions:

  • Read the "Standard Works"

  • For one month, perhaps the summer, experiment with a low-carbon diet. Not Atkins you cotton-headed ninnymuggins.

  • Keep up my weekly tango with Ulysses (aka $50-spot every week for groceries, gas, and entertainment) until the Olsen Household has a 3-month reserve in savings.

  • Start a video spot for the blah-g. Involving Rainbow Girl. It'll be fun!

  • Grow two square watermelons....or square pumpkins.

  • I hate to say's so cliche. I really do need to get in shape. But I'll work that out on my own. I'm not airing that dirty laundry on this blog.
  • Submit some words somewhere. just for fun.

  • Lastly, to accomplish at least two things on this list (I am NOT giving up already, I just don't want undue discouragement getting in the way so early).



Jenny said...

Those are great goals! I would love to try the low-carbon diet thing.

Square watermelons!? Wow, I've never seen that.

This year I want to make a visit to see you guys and your cute little farm and your cute little farm kids.

paula said...

What exactly is a low carbon diet?

Anonymous said...

Go, Ambos!!!!

I had a strange dream last night involving cheerleaders and a old-but-new-to-us house we bought even though the kitchen countertops went up to my shoulders. Making them six inches above regulation height.

Are square watermelons bred for easier packing? Weird.

Good luck to you on your goals!


Monica said...

You go, Ambos! I know you can do it!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Wow everybody! Thanks for all the exclamation points! Jenny, would love to have you come for a visit, we'd love to fry you up a big fat rare steak. (pause) gotcha!

Paula, low-carbon diet would be something along the lines of limiting the ole carbon footprint...reduce miles and who knows what else.

Wendy, what in the random dream are you talking about? Is it because Niki is ten feet tall? Did the cheerleaders inspire you to do some crazy resolutions? I love strange dreams nonetheless.

Lee Family said...

This one time I went to Wendy's house and it was so cute to be reminded of how little she is. She has a stool to reach her cupboards and I could just extend the go-go gadget.

I love all of your goals!!!! (Do I win because I had the most exclamation points after one sentence?????) Why do you want to grow square produce?

The blog doesn't make you cooler. you are cool and the blog is a tiny reflection of the amount of coolness that is Amma. got it.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Niki, you win.

Thanks for taking my bait when I was fishing for a compliment.

By the way, does this blog make me look fat?