Friday, January 2, 2009

Grogging in the New Year

Just curious why we feel obligated to use up all our old holiday treats plus keep an infant and a toddler up until midnight in order to welcome the new year? Nothing like starting the New Year with a sugar hangover and grumpy kids. I honestly felt dizzy most of January One, in a weird way.

I do declare my better ideas. Here's the scene:

December 31st, 20-whenever
To: Friends and Family with offspring
Where: Sledding Hill and then my house
Time: 9am big fat brunch with healthy carbs, scrambled protein, and fruit smoothies
12NOON: Bring out the spray paint for the snow, the confetti poppers, and the hallelujahs for the coming year. Run and shout, twirl little girls around and officially celebrate at 12 o'clock. who cares if it's a dozen hours early?

8pm: Put those kids to bed so they can start the new year out right. Have a quiet, thoughtful, reminiscing, resolutin' evening with your lover.

Then try, just try, to think about how your going to make positive changes for the year. Still working on that one, maybe by Thanksgiving I'll have some. In the meantime, I'm taking suggestions.

What are you resolving to do...besides buy a Stairmaster and regaining your backside?


Monica said...

Love your ideas! We were still on Hawaii time, so the kids stayed up until 1:30 a.m. and slept on New Year's until 11 a.m. Yucky! I'm resolving to stay steady and consistent with my diet and exercise and not yo-yo. Also, to pay more focused attention on my husband who thinks I ignore him most of the time to clean the house.

Kristen said...

Marshall suggested that even before we had kids. He thought we should go to bed early on New Year's Eve and wake up to watch the sunrise and then have a hearty breakfast to welcome in the year. I, of course, made fun of him for being an old fogy and for being a party pooper. Now that we have kids, I see the wisdom in both of your suggestions. Let's try it next year. But, I still reserve the right to make fun of Marshall for being an old fogy.

As far as resolutions go, I haven't made any yet, except to maybe echo Josie's resolution of not getting pregnant. I don't want to puke my guts out for 4 months straight in 2009.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Monica- I love that your tough-guy hunter husband feels left out when you get in cleaning mode. "Monica, can we snuggle?" GET OUT OF MY WAY, CAN'T YOU SEE THERE'S CRUMBS ON THE CARPET. It's funny because I know that you are serious. It's like hunting season in reverse. Chemical changes in the thinkey.

Kristen, good one about Josie. BTW, it's your turn. You and your twin. I'm out for one round (at least) and you guys need to catch up.

paula said...

I love the idea of celebrating it at noon. That's more my style nowadays. I haven't made any resolutions yet-I'm still thinking about it.

paula said...

PS-love the comment from Monica about the house cleaning and your rebuttle.