Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday Turkey Specials

Gutt bursting. Quiet gratitude. Warm family love. Doesn't it seem like Black Friday is like a bitchy ex-girlfriend showing up at your brother's wedding? I yearn for the simpler life, but don't want to pass up the opportunity to save some bucks. How come the pretty and long-lasting wood toys are never in the ads? I'm sick of stupid cartoon-licensed plastic crap.

Do I sound grateful?

I had a turkey cook-off with my mom today. My tiny girl turkey vs. mom's store-bought. Pretty oval platter split down the middle with my bird vs. Norbest. From family consensus of grandma, parents, cousins, auntie, and turkey won. Plus it didn't live in a cage and get pumped with antibiotics. Go me.

Last year I experimented with Black Friday sales here. I am crossing my fingers that my post-script tip holds true this year as well.

As for tomorrow? I am torn and will wait to see if I can scrape my body off the sheets early enough for some deals I perused in the paper today. However, I must add that there are some deals online that I must must must share. Hot! Hot! tomorrow only. Plus no crazies.

Don't miss Deal #1

4-disc : HBO mini-series : award-winning : patriotic must-have : everyone who sees it loves it : blip and clip review here : "John Adams" on sale at Amazon for $18.99. That's over half off and well worth it. 501 minutes = over 8 hours of viewing pleasure.

If you are on my list this year, there's a good chance you're getting this just because I think it's necessary for any educated kid in the U.S. to see it. And any history buff. Or educated adult. Find the love right here.

Don't miss Deal #2

HBO does it again with hilarious duo, and real-life band, or musical two-some. Whatever you call them, they are definitely adorably nerdy and are "Flight of the Conchords". That's the band name and the name of this show. Season 1 & 2 are on sale for $9 tomorrow at Amazon online, or Target stores. In case they are news to you, feel the love below:

Stay in your seat and click here for Season One happiness. Season two is here.

Don't miss Deal #3

That adorable bucket has 2 seatbelts!

First, this bike ships fully assembled and ready to ride. The shipping costs are not clear to me...but this I know, they have never offered this beauty at this low cost before. $400 off the regular price of $1,299=$899.
Begin the process of using your car less, letting your kids unplug and enjoy the outdoors, and possibly getting some exercise while running errands with the Madsen Cream-Colored Bucket Seat Bike(cream color only). Link is here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Quick Link List: John Adams, S1-Conchords, S2-Conchords, Madsen Bike.

Post-Edit: When I first posted this late last night after getting 5 hours of sleep the night before, I thought the ad said the bike was $400...not $400 OFF. Lame. Still an awesome deal but not quite so screaming. Also, shipping costs are usually around $150, and ship out of Salt Lake City.


Drew said...

I was trying to be so good this Black Friday, but you are tempting me! I love the John Adams idea, and that bike makes me salivate.


Kelly Bryson said...

Hey Amber- We watched John Adams via Net flix and it was great (for history), but we don't feel a need to own it. We have a bike trailer that we love- but it gets really heavy pulling Eli and Jojo up hills. Down is a lot of fun, though. Happy Thanksgiving.

Lee Family said...

thanks. me get john adams for Jared mum word

Wade and Marilyn said...

Glad I got to shop with you. Thanks for sharing Thanksgiving with us. Lots of love.

Nat said...

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Have a wonderful day and ..... Love your blog!


Jenny said...

Man, that bike is such a beauty. Maybe I should start saving now for the future and peddling around children in that thing!