Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week of Love: Saturday

This week Mrs. Olsen got all sorts of love in her inbox, check it...

A couple that bikes together, stays hot together. This could be the only person you will ever meet named Gheen. Here he is with his lovely wife, Beth.

This is the only person I've ever met named London. She lovingly calls her daughter Urchin, and they snuck a kiss in while playing at Disneyland recently.

Back during High School in Idaho, Jennica was always...ruh-neeng. Apparently, being a runner has big payoffs: you can smack on your hubby without your kids getting sicked out.

Nice pics. Just too perfect for me to tweak over to my favorite black and white.

Here's Jenny. I haven't seen her in about ten years, and apparently she's been busy creating adorable offspring since then. Here she is loving on her little cutie.

Here's another of Jenny's offspring trying to steal a kiss from a non-compliant cousin. Loving that mess of chubby kiddie fingers!

Generally, I would not have included the following pic, because in my humble opinion webcams have no ability for artistic beauty. However, the sender included this following piece of info:

Here's some people you don't know but these are our
very good friends the Blacks--they have 9 kids and they're
not done. Plenty of this going on at their house!

Mrs. Olsen says: It's Valentine's Day! Procreators UNITE.

I don't even know who this couple is, but they recently got married in the big house...

It's just a matter of time until we hear the pitter patter of little feet with this still goin' on...

And lastly! Here are our amazing friends, Mike and Sara, sharing some love on their big day.

Soon after, they were sharing kisses with some of these.

Seeing boisterous, funny, loud-Italian Mikie snuggled up to some newborn head is about enough to make Mrs. Olsen sniff.
Here's Sara still in the hospital with her little boy. Sara embodies everything a delicious mother should be: patience, kindness, love, and mouth-slobbering cooking skills.
Mike and Sara's offspring part-grown up. And redheads to boot! I do declare that the world needs more redheads.
One last kiss before signing off...a miss lands squarely on the nose. Very sweet.
Phew! Mrs. Olsen is feeling the love. And I haven't even finished kissing pics from my amazing family. So stay tuned over the weekend while my husband gets ignored over V-Day so I can update the blog....or not.


LGH said...

Absolutely loved these delightful pictures! What a great fun idea!

Lee Family said...

Wow, a ton of people sent you pictures. cool.