Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My First Kiss

Mrs. Olsen finally gets a kiss...

Since I've been shoving kissing pictures down your throat for a week, ooohing and aaahing about the over-and-over show of love...I finally talked The Mister of the House into kissing me on camera. No matter how much I faded, cropped, or softened, I couldn't completely erase the disturbing quality of this image.

But in the end it was a fitting tribute to our first kiss.

Young and Single Mrs. Olsen overhears a radio report about how people that kiss with their eyes open have a hard time trusting.

A week later The Mister of the House finally gets the courage to kiss me. It's a sweet, semi-passionate kiss that would require closed eyes for full impact. But I had to know...does he really, I mean really trust me? Is he going to open his eyes?

So I waited. And watched.

Only to have The Mister peek through his sloshed lids to find me peering wide-eyed. I think I kindof freaked him out, and then I thought:

Wait a second....I've been tricked! Stupid radio.

But he persisted that guy, and now almost ten years of marriage later, he'll give me a creepy eyeball during our goodbye kiss for old time's sake.

Here's some more kissing pics of the offspring. With love, from my house to yours!
This kid had velvet silk skin. I'm not kidding. I beg for kisses all the day long, to the point he just shoves the fingers in the mouth to deal with it.

But once in a while, I talk him into coming in for a wet one. Check out the cute little curved feet balancing him while he leans into momma.

Vanilla Wafer got a multiple-attack last week, and had this to show for it:

Who knows how much longer I can get kisses from this little guy?

Over and out!


Wade and Marilyn said...

Loved the pictures.

Monica said...

It makes me want to hunt down Isaac and get some velvet kisses, too. Did you get a new couch?

Allen Family said...

Ah, so sad that I missed Kissy Week. Maybe I'll send you one anyway. :-) I have Picasa3 and have never played with it as creatively as you have demonstrated. I need to work on that.

p.s. invite in the hotmail.

Lee Family said...

Holy Crap. Offspring #3 is the cutest thing. I want to kiss him.

Mrs. Olsen said...

"Allen Fam" Send the pic.

Yes, I got a new couch. It was barely used and for $300 yee-haw!

Raydar Love said...

amburrito-you are the coolest. i just wanted to say that.

rachel r