Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Name That Tune

Anybody that has come to this blog for second helpings should know who the following guy is. If you're here for the first time, welcome! and please meet Rainbow Girl's first crush:

Glen Hansard. Musician. Irish. And one-time movie star in the indy film "Once" (p.s. Rainbow Girl saw the TV-version...she's seven for crying out loud).

It kindof reminds me of my first crush when I was her age.

Reminds me as far as they both have tousled shaggy hair (how cute) and that moms safely allow these crushes because it's impossible these TV studs to be in 2nd grade, chasing girls, and passing love notes.

As a kid, I didn't need love notes anyway. I had a Luke barbie-doll. Is that possible? Doesn't barbie-negate the luke? Anyway, he was the stud among the blondies and drove a cool black jeep all over my smurf blue carpet in my bedroom. Luke was amazing, passionate, and as a bonus? He had The Force. What more could a girl ask for?

For Rainbow Girl, her crush doesn't have The Force so she can't drive him around in a toy jeep. But his presence is definitely known. After Rainbow Girl showed off her favorite tune (that she finger-picked out on the piano) she discovered an unsuspecting accompanist in her Uncle Jackson. Here they are recently performing for the Olsen Clan. And in honor of shaggy TV crushes the world over, please enjoy:

Time to sign up the kid for piano lessons, eh?


Anonymous said...

She is so cute, Amber.


P.S. I used to have a crush on Luke, too, until I got old enough to realize how annoying he is. That wasn't until college, though.

Lee Family said...

He is annoying. good call Wendy. He has a whiny voice. kay, Bos, Rainbow chickie has a lil' gift there and YES you do need to sign her up for piano. That was AweSome! Did you really have a crush on Luke? perhaps the crush stemmed from the fact that the only other male barbie doll we had was Michael Jackson and he's just not cutting it on the masculine side for all the barbies we had.

Monica said...

Wow! She is really talented! I can't believe she could just pick that tune up and play by ear. Sorry 'bout the last post--you really didn't need to remove. It wasn't a big deal, honestly! Love ya!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Wendy and Niki- I totally thought Luke was the bomb and like you, couldn't believe what a whiner-baby he was when I watched it in my 20's. I was totally shocked at how annoying he was. He tones down in the next movie though don't you think?

You must see "Thumb Wars". Their Luke portrayal will be much appreciated by you.