Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cure for the Common Blues

Since we're a good 8 weeks since New Year's and all those fruitless resolutions, I thought it would be safe to post a delightful, gooey, sweet, crunchy treat that are a favorite of The Mister of the House.

The reluctant poser introduces famous home cooking by Grandma B...beloved Granny to The Mister of the House who passed away in 2002.

Here's the ingredients...

  • stick of butter
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • caramel squares (80)
  • marshmallows, big ones
  • Rice Krispies

Insider tip:

You want those marshmallows to be soft, each one still holding their individual dusting. See how they naturally separate when I open up the bag. Use marshmallows like these, not the leftover bag from canyon s'mores.

Snip those suckers in half.

Melt the butter, milk, and caramels in a double boiler. If you don't have a double boiler (like me) no big deal! Boil water and put a pie plate or casserole dish above the water (but not immersed at all in the water).

sugar + fat = cure for all your emotional pains
I heard that once from Marlon Brando, or maybe it was Rikki Lake. Anyway, sound advice that works!

Stir it together. When it look like this, you're ready to roll. Let's set up our assembly line. Right to left:

1) marshmallows 2) caramel 3) rice krispies 4) wax paper



Wade and Marilyn said...

They do look wonderful.

Cresta said...

Oooh - must be a grandma thing - my grandma makes these every Christmas - Yum!!

Monica said...

Holy cow! I can't wait to try them. Why didn't you introduce me to this recipe when you were here last weekend? Yummy...

Lee Family said...

woah. fattening, delicious, simple. I can't wait.

paula said...


Monica said...

We made these for FHE last Monday night and my kids all loved them! And, of course, I ate more than all of them combined...Yeeha!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Ooh, now somebody knows how awesome these guys are. Good thing you've got 5 kids Monica, since those blasted caramels take a while to unwrap.