Monday, January 12, 2009

When Life Happily Stinks for a Seven-Year-Old

Once upon a time I was in "the know" about great music. Basically, it was the time I was sponging off the Hackworth Family and absorbing all of their recommendations. If any Hackworth's are out there reading this post, please forgive me, I have only purchased 3 cd's in the last ten years. Back in Idaho, around the Hackworths and potatoes, I was still spazzing off in the high school scene but I caught glimpses of what a cool college girl could be at the local pizza joint, Craigo's Sourdough Pizza.

It was the college hangout, and we pre-empted our grooviness by nibbling pizza amongst the college boys, even though we were still lil' High Schoolers. On night, they had an open mic night, and this beautiful girl with long straight hair with golden highlights, blunt straight bangs, wearing a groovey scarf and perfectly worn jeans took the mic and sang "You Fill Up My Senses" by John Denver. She closed her eyes and yearned above the mic. After that, I spent about 5 years fostering a secret desire to once, just once, be awesome and sing with a small acoustic band on an intimate low-lit stage in the back corner of a coffee shop or pizza parlor.

The closest I ever got was singin' Bodeans, Indigo Girls, and Sun-60 with one of the Hackworths (usually Kristi) around the campfire. I would rock it until my voice cracked. Back to reality of a one-octave range and plus-size jeans....oh well.

So now...with babies, car payments, and kids, the groovey music scene has taken a back seat. But there's two things you see, and they all got stirred up when The Mister of the House brought home the TV-version of the movie Once a couple of weeks ago.

  • Thing One: This movie absolutely took me back to when I was a little more sunkissed, and a little more music-wise. I loooved the music of this flick and my secret desire to be the groovey girl at the coffee shop was stirred up all over again.
  • Thing Two: It is inevitable that my little lover of music, Rainbow Girl, will soon be sucked into the adolescent vortex of make-up, boys, and music, music, music. Aaaahhh!

Me and The Mister of the House put the kids to bed, and then sit down to watch Once. Here's the gem of the flick and winner of 2008 Oscar for Best Song. I chose this youtube version on purpose because you're not distracted by the video, just appreciate the melody and lyrics of this beautiful tune.

Ten minutes after this song debuts, we hear Rainbow Girl (not asleep) humming this song in her bedroom. Her music radar zoned in right away. Good stuff!

A few days later, we ingest all of the music from the movie and Rainbow Girl sighs Oooh. I just love his love songs, don't you mom?

Why yes, yes I do. [pause] How old are you?

And the music keeps running and running through her head. A few more days later, after plucking out the tune on the piano, Rainbow Girl exclaims I was made for music.

Now I'm not off to push my kid onto the Disney Channel, teaching her disturbing sexy dances, or forming a band...but I will admit, it's a pure delight for anybody, let alone your own kid, to have a sense of purpose in life, a sense of a special little spice given by a loving Heavenly Father. A genuine love of music.

Aside from Christmas songs, the music from Once was our primary muscial diet over the holidays. And little by little, Rainbow Girl, in all her seven years of innocence, interpreted these songs about love: mostly about love lost, life gets sad, hoping for love again...this way:

Rainbow Girl bounds into my bedroom early in the morning and says Mom, I want you to read this!

My life has changed. Oooooo. Yeah.

What can I bo [do] with out you.

Soooo, thers soon gona be

thing's un ushuwall, and that's

is why my world is goin wrong.

and my ooooon, suff [stuff], is goin some

where. So Life is hard

Mrs. Olsen, [disturbed and worried]: Why did you write this? Is this written for someone?

Rainbow Girl [huge innocent smile]: I wrote a love song. I want you to hang it on your wall!

So there you have it folks (is anyone still reading this freaking long post?). After a promise of a dark and private showing, I talked Rainbow Girl into singing it for me. Please enjoy!

Ten minutes later...

Mom, can I start hanging posters on my wall?

I think I'm in for it, what do you think?


paula said...

What a talented little lady! Yeh-I think you are in for it sister!

For the record-I got all my cool music from you-I actually found a "mix" tape you made for me back in high school. It was filled with all sorts of old treats!

Kristen said...

Rainbow girl is my new favorite song writer! I can't believe she can do that! Okay, now we have to put it on paper so we can play it on the piano.
Great job!!!! And . . . Mrs Olsen. . . . I had that same dream about performing! At least you play the guitar.

Kristen said...

The above message is from Cozy, not Kristen. Where did that come from!?

Jenny said...

I'm going to have to see that movie.

That is beautifully endearing and heartbreaking that Rainbow Girl's love song ends with "So life is hard"

I'm so glad you captured it so that she can watch it one day.

And I love the proud mama scream at the end.

Cresta said...

Wow!! That's incredible! I seem to have memories of you playin the guitar and busting out an awesome 'brown eyed girl' on the mish.

ps - I miss Craigo's breadsticks...yum!

Anonymous said...

Nice! What a sweetheart. And I did especially enjoyed the mama scream at the end--


P.S. Not pregnant. Sorry.

khepworth said...

I too got a lot of my taste of music from the Hackworth's. Mainly Yaz, the Bodeans, & Simon & Garfunkle. Oh, and Mrs. H used to make us listen to musicals on the way to school every morning.

Love Rainbow Girl's song. THat is awesome!

Lee Family said...

Bos, you are so creative, funny, real, and I love you. Miss Rainbow is such a treasure. I love her Christmas list, her singing to the weeping rock, the so -serious-and-tormented-musician lyrics. And if you're nervous about the music/boys/fashion girl stage - just keep her scooping chicken poop - that'll do the trick.

Wade and Marilyn said...

I finally got to hear Chloe's love song--that girl's got talent!!! And she's so beautiful, too!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Paula...Just the other day I was convincing The Mister of why we were soooo old because I made him a mix tape when we were dating. That's oooold school.

Kanani, thanks for coming out to play! I love Mrs. H and smile when I think she was forcing musicals down your ears during carpools. But let's be honest..who doesn't appreciate a little Fiddler on the Roof now and then?

Cresta, thanks for the mish reminder. Having a musical outlet now and then was refreshing to my soul back then. That as well as our runs to the secret forest in Gainesville. Remember that?

Nik- found great comfort in the fact that I always have chicken shiz to combat adolescent vanity that is sure to come. Thanks for putting that in perspective.

Mom, I'm trying to be anonymous for the web perves but you keep using everyone's name. I still love you. Should I care?

Kristi Hackworth? Are you there? Do you remember me? What do I have to do to bring you out of the woodwork?

KRose said...

this might be the most beautiful thing i've ever witnessed. first a true appreciation and love of music from one of the most beautiful people i know....then spawned and blossomed through offspring. once is such a great show, but your goodness she is incredible. u must be so proud! love, love, love you. oh and btw - i will be sending you some new music....some good shtufff out there. love you A.

Lundstrom Activity Days said...

My daughters watched Rainbow Girl intently as she sang. They admire her so and are learning how to be cool from their cool older cousin!

Monica said...

Rainbow girl rocks! As do you, sweet sister. Love ya!

Mrs. Olsen said...

My work is done. I actually squeezed a comment from Kristi Hackworth. Thanks for coming out to play Hack.