Friday, January 9, 2009

Live Radio Feed Straight to the Voicebox

Have you ever really looked at a radio and marveled how it can just pluck tunes out of mid-air? How come a song doesn't smack me across the head on it's way? Yet through wavelengths and antennaes it worms its way into your box and comes softly singing you to sleep at night. Just take a second and think about it. It's weird. And wonderful.

My little Rainbow Girl is like a radio. Her spirit, her happy little self, is tuned to music. Before she could even talk she would hum this little baby song that had a distinguishable tune and she would repeat it over and over.

Here she is at ripe young age of 3 and 1/2. We bought the movie Annie and she would watch it and sing the sad little orphan songs. Here she is singing the happy orphan song "Tomorrow!" at the top of her lungs. I swear I didn't pose this pic, I snuck it while she was just going to town. So stinkin' cute!

Just before she finally got a sibling, we took her to Zions National Park. I swear we never do fun stuff like this anymore. But this time, I snuck The Mister of the House and surprised him at this bed and breakfast by the lake. I'm sure he'll be ticked I posted this picture, he's weird like that. Take my word for it sweetchucks, good picture!

So when we weren't terrifying Rainbow Girl on the water, we were wandering through the park. Every now and then Rainbow Girl had to burst out in song. Here she is singing "I'm a little teapot". Go girl.

For the most part she chugged along. We didn't take a stroller or a pack, and she walked a lot that day on her little legs. Every now and then her little toddler legs wanted to stop hiking and watch movies instead. This is Rainbow Girl on a short little jaunt to Weeping Rock. When the park guide talked about this formation, The Mister of the House and I were fascinated by these facts:

  1. Water is constantly seeping out of the cliff face, supporting a beautiful array of flora and fauna. When is the last time you said flora and fauna out loud? Please do it now.
  2. They have actually carbon-dated the water coming out of the cliffs, and it's really old. Man it's been a long time, so exact numbers are fleeing my old lady brain. But it's up there, I'm talking hundreds and maybe even thousands of years old. I wish I had tasted it! Maybe next time.

So me and The Mister of the House kept talking about osmosis, and seepage, and Weeping-This and Weeping-That until finally Rainbow Girl stopped and looked up and asked "What does weeping mean?"

Well sweetie, it's just means it's crying. The rock is sad and it's just cries and cries. Waaa Waa Waa we laughed and joked on our way to the top. She thought that was funny and for a short moment forgot that she had walked 10 miles that day.

When we got to the formation, we joked again about this sad rock that couldn't stop crying. We paused to look at the flowers, the rocks, and the ferns growing out of the rock face. Then we looked over to see little Rainbow Girl standing a ways off and looking up at the rock and saying something really soft, we couldn't really hear it over the drip.

Me and the Mister did the eyebrow curl at each other: What is she doing?

Then we figured it out. She was singing! That oldie but goodie song "I Am a Child of God". So we had our proud parent moment, snapped a picture, and gave her audience. She didn't budge or explain until she was done with the full verse.

" I sang it a song so it willn't be sad anymore" she explained completely serious. What could a mother do but give her a big fat hug and tell her I love you kiddo?

Willn't is trademarked by Rainbow Girl by the way. Email me if you want permission to use it.

In case you forgot, or you're feeling a little sad, here's a reminder:

I am a Child of God, and He has sent me here

has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear.

Lead me, guide me, walk beside me

help me find the way!

Teach me all that I must do,

to live with Him someday.

Just in case you forget your divine potential...


LGH said...

Amber, I truly love your blog. Thanks for sharing so many marvelous, fun, touching, tender, funny unique moments. You are wonderful.

Wendy said...

I love it. Rainbow Girl is awesome. My little one hearts music too. He is so awesome and he actually has a great voice. I love your posts and can't wait to read more.

Mrs. Olsen said...

LGH, you were holding out on me. You have a blog! Now I can keep tabs on one of my favorite families of all time. Thanks for always being a positive, smart, funny woman.

Wendy, thanks for coming over to play. When is our freakin' movie night?

Advent Creative said...

This week for sure. How about Wednesday night? I think I am open. I mean, I know I am, I just need to make sure my mom can babysit. What do you want to see?

paula said...

Your sweetest story yet!

Wade and Marilyn said...

Amber--so well written. Chloe is a treasure. Love you all.

Lee Family said...

I LOVE this story of your precious girl. That one was born sweet.