Friday, January 16, 2009

Last Music Spectacular Post

So I am resident mommy blogger this week gushing about my kid and her passion with music. When you're on a roll....keep goin' right? I needed to record one last recent memory with Rainbow Girl, mostly for her sake. Also because it was one of those tender mercies to the heart of a mother. BTW, don't you love that "tender mercy" has become the latest mormon lingo ever since Elder Bednar's fabulous talk a while back? I hear it at least once a month in testimony meeting.

So the chickens. And winter. It's been tough for Rainbow Girl a little bit. Mrs. Olsen has been doing the tango trying to draw the line between quality time vs. building a work ethic.

Rainbow Girl: Mom, can't you pleeeeeeeeez just come out to get the eggs with me?

Mrs. Olsen: No ma'am, dad already took fresh water this morning (instead of you) and you need to finish your job by yourself. You can do it!

Rainbow Girl: MoooOoom! It's dark outside and I'm scared.

Mrs. Olsen: [pause] I'll turn on the back light and keep an eye on you. I need to fix dinner okay?

Rainbow Girl: PleeeeEEEEz Mom! PLeeEEeeZ!

See the thing is, at this point in the conversation Mrs. Olsen is starting to think that it might be good to get some fresh air, and why don't we just twirl in the snow and go get the eggs together, and she's just a little girl, and she's just make it fun and be outside together.

And then? I change gears right? I go with her to get the eggs...and then what happens? She absolutely whines and pouts and gets some major sass the next day when she has to get the eggs by herself. So repeat the above conversation, but now you have a pre-emptive teenager finishing off with a 20 decibel FINE!!!! while slamming the door.

So, in order to save her from a yo-yo of emotions, and because our lovely hens and their bounty are all going to Rainbow Girl's savings...I essentially cut her off and said Nope-Nope-Nope! Hurry back and I love you!

That was a couple of months ago.

Aside from cutting her off, I try to remind her to get the eggs before dark. But once in a while, if we're all getting home late from a family party, I'll leave The Mister of the House to unload the car and sneak out with Rainbow Girl to get the eggs together.

The last time this happened was after a Christmas Party. We crunched through the snow, crossed the baby bridge, and picked up the eggs. We lingered outside and Rainbow Girl was obviously relieved and happy to have company.

Rainbow Girl: Sometimes when I come out here and it's dark, I get really scared. But I found that if I sing a Christmas song I feel happy inside and I'm not scared anymore!

Mrs. Olsen: Do you know what that feeling is sweetie?

Rainbow Girl: No.

Mrs. Olsen: It's the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost speaks to our insides and will always tell us what is truth. Sometimes we call The Holy Ghost "The Comforter". Christmas songs will speak to our hearts because they sing about Jesus!

Rainbow Girl: [silence] [smile]

Mrs. Olsen: I love you!

What a beautiful tender mercy that was. For real. I am so grateful that a loving Father helped Rainbow Girl identify a distinct change of heart, and helped me to teach her how to recognize the Spirit in our lives. Thank you!

Leave it to Mrs. Olsen's divine maternal instincts to throw a terrified kid into the dark and her overactive imagination. Grateful we have back-up in a loving Heavenly Father who made it all turn out all right (no...I'm not feeling guilty about throwing a kid scared of the dark into the vast dark backyard. I'm not getting the eggs!).

This video clip is mostly for my parents in Hawaii, who missed Rainbow Girl standing proudly in front of our ward (a.k.a. congregation) and sang "The Little Drummer Boy" with me. Here we are repeating the act at the extended family Christmas Party. Love you kid!


Wade and Marilyn said...

Amber, thank you so much. How fun to hear you and Chloe sing--you both have beautiful voices.

Jenny said...

That was so cute! I loved how you sang quieter on the parts where Rainbow Girl sang with you.

Kristen said...

I just got back into town and was so
happy to see Rainbow Girl again, even
if it was just a video. Tell her I love her. She's a great singer, brownie maker, egg gatherer, big sister, and granddaughter, with a perfectly delightful mother!

Kristen said...

It keeps saying I'm Kristen still, but I'm really cozy!!!

LGH said...

Amber, this post was awesome...very beautiful and tender...what a blessed "Rainbow Girl" to have you as a mother.

Anonymous said...

Rainbow Girl is such a cutie. She reminds me so much of you when we were younger.

Also, in re to "tender mercies", I don't think I'd ever noticed that phrase in the scriptures before until that talk; now it seems like I see it rather often. Interesting how those things jump out at you once they're brought to your attention.


Bridget said...

oh this was such a good post and what a great mom you are to recognize such an awesome teaching moment. Made me laugh a little because both my kids love Christmas carols, and today my neighbor told me that Delaney's fave song in Spanish is actually a Christmas song too. So now every time her little voice (ok loud voice she is jeff's kid) belts out another one, I'll think of you and your profound and simple lesson.