Monday, December 1, 2008

Mrs. Olsen Talks Sex

Dad, if you're reading this, I have not turned a new-leaf from loving mother to online distributor of porn. Promise. Mainly, I wanted to highlight a couple of new blogs that are unique in their offerings and have one thing in common: sex.

Okay, so first! There is a new ad campaign and one of the Olsen Spawn is a founder. This is not the reason I am highlighting it however. Here's a blip and you guess what it's about. It'll be fun.

Fighter? I'm a lover not a fighter. Fighter of what?

Okay, I'll be a fighter.

Fight the New Drug is the up and coming ad campaign to educate families, perverts, and unfulfilled husbands on the dangers and addictions of pornography.

I am excited for this simply because I have two boys who eventually will hit puberty and get an email account with unsolicited naughty invitations (one can only have a hotmail account so long before getting on the perves mass mailing list).

Which brings me to the next blog you should become a fan of. Be One: Strengthening Marriage Through Sexual Intimacy is self-explanatory in its mission, to use sex to strengthen the marriage. The blog author is an old friend from years back, whose personal insight and sense of service literally leaves throngs of people in her wake hoping to get a free therapy session. She has a gift. Here's an excerpt from the blog, so you know where she's coming from:

Many of you may wonder how and why this subject has struck enough interest in me to start a blog. I mentioned before that this interest is a gift. I believe that. There are so few people out there with respectful knowledge about this topic- especially women- especially, especially LDS women. Where does one turn to learn and grow in knowledge? What if there are days of frustration and stress because of this subject? What if your marriage is suffering or it's causing hidden emotions, or you dislike intimacy all together? What if your situation is good but not GREAT? Where do you seek help? Is it ok to learn more? My interest is for everyone. -BLOG: "Be One" November 30, 2008 post

Husbands to Good-Christian-Women everywhere just found a new best friend.

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