Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gift No-No's and How to Really Feel the Love

Aawwww. Isn't that sweet? Let's just say that sweet little Rainbow Girl gave me a book full of coupons for things like:
  1. Do the dishes
  2. Rub your feet with lotion (this coupon would have been redeemed by my own mother twenty times over)
  3. Clean my room
  4. Bake some homemade cookies just for you
  5. Blah blah blah
I'm so happy to have a paper trail of good parenting, I promptly display them in my scrapbook never to be redeemed.

Let's be honest folks. Does anyone ever really use these coupon books full of promised favors and services? Okay, maybe one or two, but the whole thing?

As a disclaimer** For Mrs. Olsen, having a coupon book proving my kid loved me, or had an independent thought of helping without actually would be enough during Christmastime. From my kids.

But if you're actually thinking about giving one of these to a friend, or worse, your spouse? Please think again.

Let's get out the microscope and look at the real reason someone would conjure up this gift for their husband or wife: Please can we actually go out on a real date! I need to feel the love, and get out of the house!

A couple years ago I spared The Mister of the House a coupon book begging for back-rubs and instead put my money where my mouth was. And it all fit neatly into one little stocking.

  • Gift certificate to his favorite restaurant that we eventually go to anyway
  • Tickets to local theatre with an actual reserved seat, actual date and a starting time
  • Ticket to favorite sporting event with an actual reserved seat, actual date and a starting time (I actually bought a discounted group of tickets for 5 games of our closest pro team, then gave the tix to every sport nut on my list. ebay or craigslist is key P.S. they all loved it)
  • Gift certificate to movie theatre so we can be spontaneous
  • Gift Certificates for Gas Cards also go a long way in today's economy
  • You get the picture
The bonus to this gift option is that you are feeling the love with your spouse. Everyone's happy.