Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gifts that Keep on Giving

December 26th Interview: So planet earth, newly spoiled kids, tired moms and college kids on temporary break....what was your favorite thing about Christmas this year?

Kid: My 100+ collection of Little Pet Shop!
Mom: [Yawn] I'm sorry what?
College Kid: I got some skis that rocked!
Dad: [mumbles] I need to get back to work to pay off all this stuff we got.

March 1st Interview: So planet earth, spoiled kids, tired moms and college kids waiting for Spring Break....what was your favorite thing about Christmas last year?

Kid: Um, my birthday is next week and I want a new bike.
Mom: White Christmases are my favorite.
College Kid: Spring Break we're gonna party at the beach!
Dad: [mumbles] I can't believe I'm still paying off all that stuff.
Interviewer: Sorry Dad, no one asked you.

There's so many places I could go from here. I could talk about really....really! getting down to what the season is about. That's vital, it is. I'm one of those that dares to say "Merry Christmas!". But I'm not going to go there. Maybe on another day.

Instead I'm trying to make this gift thing a little easier, plus as a bonus, your giftee will remember your love once a month and memories of your Christmas love will never wane.

I got one of these gifts last Christmas from my dad. And if you're reading this blog, then you just might be the perfect market. Why? Because all this internet blogging stuff is about digesting small bits of information. We're not here reading novels are we? We get baited by the little snippets, the informative articles...just like in magazines. Every month I'm saying I Love You Dad when I get the Reader's Digest one year subscription he signed me up for last December.

Here's some subscriptions that will get those on your gift list remembering your love all year long:

Best Value

Family Fun Magazine is great for any human that has born children in the last 13 years. Rainy day activities, travel highlights, holiday crafts, and the annual toy preview are just a few of the reasons I love this magazine. Plus it's cheap. $10 for a year (10 issues).

Reader's Digest is great for its overall appeal for young and old alike. My last issue got me salivating with an article about solar cars! Also a steal at $10 a year (12 issues).

Target Appeal

News junkies from the both sides of the spectrum will appreciate the weekly subscription to The Economist. This British magazine helps put U.S. news into a broader world perspective, which can be vital in our polarized political climate. Subscription options range from weekly to every other week, and prices range from $59.76 to $116.79.

Merry Christmas to me! Wannabe hippies wanting to learn more about our beautiful planet will appreciate a subscription to The Orion. Nature writings are the core of this magazine, with environmental and cultural issues broadening the range of issues discussed. Published just 6 times per year, this magazine runs for $35.00 per year. A special holiday promotion allows 2 gift subscriptions for $35.00.

Go Nuts!

If jeans and T's are the core of your loved ones wardrobe, then giving them a monthly T-Shirt from the funky and ever-changing Threadless is the key to unending grooviness. Their "12Club" allows a new T every month for a year. You don't get to choose the design, but chances are you'll still be the coolest kid on the block. $200 per year and also includes a $30 gift certificate.


paula said...

Totally true! I give gift subscriptions to about 5 or 6 people each year. It's a great little novelty that a lot of people don't bother getting themselves at the store. I myself also receive a gift subscription from one of my friends and love it!