Friday, October 10, 2008

Can't Sleep? Don't Count Sheep. Make a Movie!

For a mother who is constantly forgetting her camera, doesn't scrapbook, and is easily distracted by chocolate, it pays to have married into the Olsen Family (where you get the occasional video scraps showing your kids delighting in an Easter Egg Hunt). I know you didn't believe me when I told you the this clan that I married into was genetically mutated to all things multimedia. They practically dream in digital.

Fortunately, I have someone to back me up on this. And it's not Grandma or The Mister of the House either. Try Nora Ephron. Try Apple Computers. Try thousands of registered lovers of the iPhone and The Mac.

About one year ago, 2 of my DNA-warped brothers-in-law showed up at my doorstep on a Saturday morning. "Do you have any matchbox cars we can borrow?" "Do you know any neighborhood boys that still play with cars and tough guys?" and thus was born the short film Imagine.

It was all part of Apple's Insomnia Film Festival. They give a list of film requirements that you need to incorporate, and students across the country have just 24 hours to create a film. Imagine was last year's Celebrity Judge's Winner, an entry among 1,800 or so. For one who sits back to watch, but not create, I was amazed by the scramble it takes to film, edit, score and build a three-minute seventeen-seconds film. The full 24 hours was a bunch of filmmakers scrambling. Who would have thought?

One year later, I like to pretend that it's a movie about collectors hunting down all of the Joe Six-Packs, the Molly Mallrats, and Joneses who recently remodeled their castles. You know, the average American citizen swimming in credit card debt, bad mortgages, and cheap plastic toys. So please when you watch this, don't imagine that. Just sit back and be entertained, and forget about the fact that it's time to hoard cash, live off food storage, and ride your bike to work in the winter. Please don't think about that. Just be mindlessly entertained. It's good for the stress levels in small doses.

This film features my old neighbor and dearest friend Sally, along with her son Luke (Rainbow Girl's buddy). Directed and filmed Clay Olsen, little brother. Story by Jackson Olsen, little brother #2. It's a short high-octane thriller! Enjoy!

So after watching this film, please comment and let me know what do you Imagine?

Imagine -Insomnia Film Festival Entry - The best bloopers are a click away


Kristen said...

Why is our family so freakish with our obsession with movies and movie-making? It has really hindered our family career diversity. We don't have access to a family mechanic or dentist or health care provider. Our only hope is that Josie will marry a dentist who happens to like to fix cars.

Holly said...

Awwww! It's cool that you blogged about that movie. It's fun to relive it. That was so exciting when it won!!!

Wendy said...

So--what did you have to do as producer? Inquiring minds want to know. I'm impressed the entire thing only took a day to put together.

The parents are not upset about the outing of former white elephant gifts, by the way. I told my mom, had her read it, and she just laughed. (Although she denied having been the gift givers in that instance. Vehemently. Also denied being able to remember who brought them . . .)

Jenny said...

That film was was awesome! I LOVE it! What talented guys.

I couldn't get your analogy to credit collectors chasing people down out of my head though- it fit quite well. Especially when the guys got out of character and were cordial to each other and introduced themselves- then they were back in the game again. Isn't that how it is in real life sometimes? We all have roles, career titles, etc. that we fit into and sometimes have to play. The "collectors" probably go home and have the same problems (or similar) themselves- and if you were to meet them in a different setting you might actually get along.