Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All in the Eye of the Beholder

Whenever a new little baby comes to our planet, there's always a rush to see how the baby incorporated their cocktail of DNA from mom and dad. Because The Mister of the House has what I like to call "shutters" as eyelids, I never suspected such an exotic eye-shape he would pass on to our offspring. Mary Kay would find a hard time finishing off these lids. There's no space for the true color zone, it's disappeared under the sub-cutaneous fat desperately holding onto his eyebrows.

When my firstborn, Rainbow Girl, came to earth, store-clerks and shopping moms would always stop to ask me if my husband was Asian.

Then when my middle child came, we were surprised with his complete inability to tan. His skin, hair and eyes had been scrubbed with bleach. Even with his beautiful blue eyes, the exotic tilt to the eyes was apparent.

We're still in the throes of babyhood with number three, our own little Buddha Baby. Starting his sojourn at nine-plus pounds, he was (and is!) the squishiest softest baby I've yet to manhandle.

Take me to the Emperor!

There's something about his eyes that amazes me still. They're so.....dark. And yet, so reflective of light. During the six times this desperate-for-momma has been held by another adult, I love to sit across the room and just look at him from far away. I begin to understand why every female store clerk that meets this kid exclaims "Wow! He's gonna be a charmer when he grows up. He is gorgeous!".
When pregnancy pulls out the ugly stick and smacks you over the head (and down the back-side) then these statements are all you have to cling to for consolation. Now if I can just make sure he can do dishes, he'll be a true catch someday.


Monica said...

You truly have beautiful children. Time for another?

Lee Family said...

I want to squish numero three . . . and one and two for that matter. When will I see them?? When?
maybe being slapped around by pregnancy is worth another beautiful exotic Baby! What did dad call you in your baby picture? Pete somebody?

paula said...

I want to squish all your kids! Seriously-beautiful children. What I notice the most of their eyes is that they look so happy.....Love on them all you can.

Anonymous said...

"The ugly stick?? Backside??" It is a guarantee that I will be laughing my head off when I log on to this blog. I will find something to relieve my stresses here and I am thankful for this. You rule. And your kids kill me. Adorable little stinkers.

Allen Family said...

Hi Mrs. Olsen,
I'm jealous of your logan life and sometimes dream of moving there! And I'm loving the bloggity blog. Good stuff.

So Brody has an unusual (and by that, I mean not common to mine and Scott's genetic makeup) upward slant to his big brown eyes and they just draw me in! I totally relate to the staring from across the room or close up when he's on my lap or anywhere really.

Hope all is grand!

Anonymous said...

The children are so beautiful. They are in perfect order for an Oreo cookie--dark Rainbow Girl, light Vanilla Wafer, and dark Buddha Baby. Love, Grandma Anderson

Anonymous said...

When "Mrs. Olsen" was about two days old, her dad said she looked like the actor Peter Lorre. I did not like the comparison. "Mrs. Olsen" became more beautiful each day. Love, Mom

Mrs. Olsen said...

Thanks mom, I couldn't remember the name of Peter Lorre. For those who don't remember him, he is the disturbingly weird looking actor that was in Arsenic and Old Lace. Such an endearing comparison for a new baby. Thanks dad.

P.S. Monica, not time for another. Thanks for asking.