Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Winner! Dating Ideas Free Giveaway

Before inadvertently deleting my week-old blog, I started a giveaway of a fabulous purse. Before being permanently deleted, the comments/dating ideas were printed off for The Mister of the House. He very democratically read all of the suggestions (with names blacked out!) and deemed this as the winner for a fabulous date for us (and for you?):

Lee Family said...
okay, I'm going to say things you can do with your boat - because you got a boat right?? We've had a lot of fun with Jared's raft. order pizza or make dinner and go out on your boat on a quiet lake for a romantic dinner.

So yes my sister won. This was not rigged however. We have a "boat" *cough*canoe*. Hey, it floats. If anyone wants to borrow a couple of canoes, you are more than welcome to enjoy a quiet evening on the lake.

Congratulations Niki!


Lee Family said...

I won!!! I can't believe I won!! Just the fact that Wade thought I had a good date idea is victorious!!!