Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Best Love Affair: Kids and Nature

We got this for Rainbow Girl for her birthday (in June). In September, when the high temperatures were over, we redeemed the enclosed coupon for caterpillars.

After the bugs ate the goop on the bottom of the cup, they started forming their chrysalis at the top of the lid. Then we pinned them to the top of the Butterfly Bungalow.

We feed them sugar water or orange slices after they hatch. Their lifespan is only 2-4 weeks.
Don't let that face fool you.

She is Queen of the Butterflies. Look how Rainbow Girl handles them so gently and gracefully.
I think this is a great gift for kids. Christmas is coming up and if you have a nature lover, I highly recommend this gift. Even our scaredy pants toddler son enjoyed watching the butterflies.
Over and out!


The Better Business Blog said...

What a cute gift idea. Great for kids who love animals. We did this in the middle of the summer...and the one warning I would give is that it is really hot in the middle of the summer. And they mail them. And they die in the mailbox.

I was really happy with how quickly they grew, and changed, and emerged. Really good for impatient kids, and parents!

paula said...

I am so getting these for my nieces! Great gift idea. I cannot get over how much she resembles you Amber!

Anonymous said...

Loved the darling pictures of Chloe. Love, Mom

Lundstrom Activity Days said...

This was so cool to see in your front room! I was amazed at your live butterfly farm! I couldn't believe how many butterflies were in there. Sweet idea!