Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kidd Family Camp 2013

Since 1999 I have been invited to The Mister's extended family camp. Back then, it was aunts and uncles, Grandma n' Grandpa, and cousins. Being the oldest grandchild, The Mister of the House was the first to bring in an "outsider" via marriage. 

The tradition for family camp was going strong for a couple decades before I showed up. Grandma and Grandpa and Aunts and Uncles have watched the metamorphosis that I now witness: little punks, puberty, adulthood, marriage, kids, repeat. 

We are getting to be quite the group. Of course there are some that are far away and could not make it, and they were missed. 

This year I decided to document camp with a fun little project. Individual camp portraits were taken with something from camp that represents that person's favorite color. I have to add that I just finished a Family Reunion with my siblings, and it was out-of-state, and I was lacking time and energy, so no such documentation occurred there, but it was not for lack of love. 

With that, I now present The Kidd Family Camp of 2013 and it's smart and incredibly good-looking attendants:

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Grandpa Jack was particular about his blue.  Azure blue.  I finally grabbed my hat with some blue-green jewels and it seemed a little closer to his mark.

Grandma Darling in her camp chair that leans back.  Comforts at camp can be hard to come by, but I dare say we were spoiled.

Sorry Carol, the Doritos and Dr. Pepper didn't make the cut.  This picture was just too perfect.

You needed the perfect sunlight to catch the undertones of "midnight blue" in this motorcycle - sunlight which I didn't have.  Doesn't diminish the cool factor right?  When I'm ready to play out my mid-life crisis I'll just borrow this haawg and head to the desert.

Cherie isn't able to spend all of camp for health reasons, but we caught her this night wearing her favorite color.

Sorry Matt, this picture is not in black and white.  Good one though.

Purple is tough, but I think we caught some mountain majesties in the background.  Someday, when I have an empty nest and truckloads of patience, I'll have Janet teach me to make a real quilt.  She is a fabric artist.

 Greg shedding some grandpa love on a burgundy sleeping pad.

This is a woman after my own heart.  I wish she would revamp my entire wardrobe.

The fabric arts live on, via daughters of Janet.  A purple skirt being stitched was stolen for this photo op.  Lovely.

Josh creatively posed this himself, covering all the colors on the croquet stick but his favorite.

Dear drought, you provided excellent focus for Abby's favorite color.
 His blue tie-dye is swallowing the red.  Get it?

 Mom conjectured red because Ben loves Elmo and Lightning McQueen.  Donate to Ben's rare disease here.

Norma was just considering changing her favorite color to aquamarine (that is a good one).  For now, the Christmas Queen holds on to this classic holiday hue.  This is how you organize drinking cups for your massive family.

 Purple really is my favorite color.  But white has made such an impressive leap on my list that I decided to go with white.

 The kid is obsessed with water, so we went with blue.

Holly and Adam both stated they don't have a favorite color.  They pacified me via green.  BTW, how can a designer NOT have a favorite color?

Who goes back to law school after having a couple of kids?  Kristen and Marshall do that's who. Wow! 

Clay is a successful non-profiteer and Jen runs a classic design agency.  

I'm not sure how I'm suppose to get to know my new nephew when his family moves to INDIA, so we'll just thank the internet in advance for keeping us up-to-date on the lives of these fellow travelers.

I thought about "sciencing" my results, but honestly right now my brain hurts.  Seriously, blue and green kindof bossed the show right?


Anonymous said...

Well done. Nobody said orange. What's with all the blue? Please do this at our reunion next year. Love mom

LGH said...

Amber, you are so very very clever; loved this idea, the pictures and the post. So ingenious...truly.

Janet O. said...

This was such a fun thing, Amber (even though my photo makes me look like the old lady that I am). Thanks for "focusing" your talents to create this memory of camp!

Aimee said...

You're awesome Amber...such a fun, creative idea. The kids loved seeing themselves :)

Holly said...

You captured great memories! I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures and great idea.