Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Farm Developments

...the pigs and chickens got some new neighbors!

Last week, while still detoxing from hospital baby trauma, we had some exciting developments on the farm. Betty, our miserably pregnant goat, surprised us all by birthing triplet baby kids. Unlike last year's birthing, we didn't even aid (or even cheerlead) the birth. The Mister went in the back to check on the animals, and 3 little baby goats were scrambling for their first steps.

Little Rainbow Girl got stuck hanging out with the goats for a couple hours to make sure all the baby goats were nursing from their mother. Because one thing is for sure, Mrs. Olsen already has her own kid to feed, and didn't want to be stuck on bottle duty with a furry kid.

Wait a did that get in there? Only machinistic institutions tag human kids. Who did that?

Back to the furry kind...

Betty on the lookout. Our other goat, Millie, tries to head-butt these baby's against the wall. What is her deal? But seriously, she is asking for it. Betty will quickly put her in her place.

Later in the week, we tackled (by "we" I mean The Mister) our new farm project of 2011. Here's a hint...

We ordered these back in February/March, and they finally arrived! There were 2 packages of bees, each 3 pounds. Nothing quite like hearing the pitter-patter of thousands of bees getting dumped into their new home. I was a little nervous.

Our neighbors got a hive last year and harvested 16 pounds of honey. We'll see how productive these guys are...and if we happen to get 30 pounds of honey, we will be more than pleased (and possibly so will anyone getting Christmas goodies this winter).

And lastly, our rooster. This guy's got it out for Rainbow Girl. He has attacked her a couple times while she was unawares, flying and pecking her knees and causing her to bleed (through her clothes. punk!).

So I've got his number:



happening later this summer.


Candice said...

That is so awesome. I would not know the first thing on how to harvest honey, or be a beekeeper. It sounds mighty romantic, though, making your own sweet stuff. I love it.

Lee Family said...

Wow, the farm is buzzing this spring . . . literally. I wouldn't know how to keep it all straight from a newborn added onto 3 kiddos and a farm to tend to. Good luck. You guys are awesome.

paula said...

I am so impressed with your little farm....also jealous! I am hoping and praying you harvest 30# of honey and also that I will be on that Christmas list.