Monday, April 4, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the Farm

So much has been happening here that it's almost a relief to have them done before the baby is here. Correction: it's a relief that The Mister has these projects done so Mrs. Olsen has him for few days after kiddo arrives to boss him around, change all the diapers, and get pampered.

Check out all our beautiful eggs! The speckled egg is from our blue slate turkey, who takes forever to become Thanksgiving worthy.

Our goat Betty is due any day! There is a birthing kit ready in the garage for the moment she goes into labor. I tease The Mister that his first love is having a kid soon, and his second love had a baby due yesterday. This is just my super effective methods of getting extra sympathy for harvesting his exploding seed in my gut.

And check it! We have pigs again. This time we're trying to raise them for the fair, which means Rainbow Girl has to become their buddies and be able to lead them around an area with a tap of a stick. Should be interesting.

Also, coming soon to the farm and for the first time: HONEYBEES. I can't wait!


Holly said...

I can't wait to meet the new pigs, the coming kid... and mostly YOUR kid! You guys are amazing. I can't believe how much you do! I am so excited for the bees!