Monday, February 28, 2011

A Story of a Sloth and a Honeybee

This week I am 35 weeks prego. This new kid is coming up, and I have the energy level of a sloth. Which brings me to this: women are the fabric of communities. They reach out, connect, remember, and cook 10 pans of food when you are a sloth.

If you are a true woman, when you stop being a sloth and become a honeybee, you return the favor with a smile. Here's a honeybee from high school, Tonya.

The bottom pictures are with Stephanie during our spring break when we got snowed in at Jackson Hole. I wish these pictures could detail how fun that trip was "back in the day".

This past week she stung me in the bummy with her stinger and actually forced me to get to the higher branch I've been thinking about for the past 2 months.

Here's the thing about Tonya that I really admire, and think you should love too. She's dealing with a lot but never complains and is always out helping other people. Mother of FIVE BOYS, and has nerve damage from her last pregnancy. I call her granny cause she limps around while still helping out neighbors, family, and friends. There's lots of medical issues in her family, but she's always looking forward.

That's something I need to work on and I love her example!

So she calls me up and states: "We need to get you some freezer meals for when the baby comes!"

Me: "That's a good idea" (inside: I need a nap)

Tonya: "Okay, I'm emailing you a shopping list and then we'll pick a day and put everything together".

Me: "Okay"

And the thing is, like so many things...I thought it was a great idea but had no energy for execution. She emailed me the list, I looked at it and admired it, and then took a nap.

A week later she called me back and forced me to schedule a day. So I got off my butt, took the list to the store and spent a day cooking some of our homegrown meat stacked in the freezer. Ready for the cookoff!

I seriously needed to take a picture of everything we hauled out to my chest freezer.

-3 pans of shepherds pie (with goat meat...more on that later)
-3 pans of chicken enchiladas
-2 chicken pot pies
-1 honkin' fat lasagne pan
-7 batches of beef/veggie tikka masala

I'm sorry let me do the math for you: that would be 16 pre-cooked meals! that I won't have to dirty dishes to make and can throw in the oven when my bambino arrives.



jennaloha said...

Of course like always this post is fantastic. If only you had blacked out you and Tonya's teeth in the recent pictures then could I give you 100%.


Lexi said...

Congratulations. Good for you and thanks to Tonya for her help.

Monica said...

So prepared! Now what will you do when all the honeybees bring you 16 more meals for your freezer? Have you got that big of a freezer?

Lee Family said...

I agree, blacking out teeth is always funny. So is potty humor - just ask dad. And Tonya, what an amazing friend! everybody needs to have and be a friend like that! You are so prepared - good job sissy.

earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Yay! There's nothing like the feeling of having food in the pantry or freezer. Good luck with labor and delivery!