Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Letter: Dear Nerds

Dear Nerds,

Having a Julliard-trained brother-in-law exercising his training in the production of the upcoming HBO series "Game of Thrones" means that Mrs. Olsen and The Mister of the House received a tour of the set that you have tried to sneak onto via fake job interviews, ninja methods, or pure open nerdiness that makes you feel like a legitimate consultant for the series.

Mandy & Bryan practicing as UK Tour Guides in Edinburgh

Since we were able to take no pictures of the set, we'll just say In your face nerds, we saw the Iron Throne!

And also, the fact that I'm gloating on the blog about seeing the Iron Throne (as well as Winterfell sets, Cersei's chambers, and The Red Keep) just might mean I could be on the other side of cool as well.

Our gracious glimpse into:
*an amazing storyline
*the sheer magnitude of talent required to actually produce sets and TV series
*beholding from afar the beauty of whatever actor plays Jaime Lannister

was interesting and exciting.

Thanks Bryan and Mandy for this 2010 highlight!

Mrs. Olsen


Angenette said...

I'm a big ole nerd and I don't know what that is. I'd better get studying!

Ran said...

Bryan very kindly offered to show me around when I visited the set back in October, along with George and Parris. He was a fantastic tour guide.

I wasn't lucky enough to see some of the Red Keep rooms like Cersei's chambers, as they were filming then. They look quite opulent from a photo we've seen, however!

LGH said...

wow,wow, wow, looks fantastic indeed!

Lee Family said...

This show looks amazing.