Monday, July 19, 2010

July on the Farm

So I'm here to give a shout out to all amateur gardeners. The ones who love the pretty yards in Better Homes & Gardens but then get their water bill, have a newborn, or become temporarily addicted to saving the princess. I want to have a pretty garden, I want self-reliance, but I have always become burned out in July.

But I am hanging in there this year! My garden still totally sucks when compared to my neighbor (how did her vegetables get sooo big already?) but I'm definitely improving.

Thing A: losing a little weight is totally helping me tolerate the heat better (go figure.duh.)

Thing B: information is motivation! After reading this book, watching this documentary, then this documentary, and lastly singing the primary song called "The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden" I feel like I am finally getting the vision to stick out the heat, keep the weeds down low (at least in the veggie patch...let's not talk flower beds right now) and delighting in the good things of the earth.

First my teepee. I have planted melons and beans along the base. Then the feathered ladies came for a visit. So then I re-planted melons and beans around the base. Hopefully my melons have enough time to actually give me some fruit. Let's just say that I hoped those chickens would eat my garden bugs but all they did was take dirt baths and pull up my plants. Oh, and scatter my straw.

So they got cut off last week.

Back to the teepee.

I have beans! That is all.

Does your landfill offer a truckbed full of bark for $7.50? If not, I feel sorry for you. As you can see it totally helped me create an inviting path right smack dab through the middle of the garden. And since I'm kicking it in high gear, I created a little resting area to enjoy the pleasing things of the earth. And in cobalt blue no less! And for just $16 at Wal-Mart (which I love to hate, or sometimes it's hate to love) how could I resist?

You heard me. Plastic adirondack chairs that don't need to be painted for 16 bucks. Nobody tell me these are bad for the planet please.

Back in the spring, our neighbors called and said they had some more baby chicks and did we want them.

Only if they're hens, we said.

Oh we are pretty sure we have figured out a way to tell. We'll give you all hens.
Three roosters later, we are creating the neighborhood wake-up call at 5:45 a.m. Plus those hens are running for their lives all the day long, poor little things.

But just look how those rooster feathers shine in the sun?

Hmmmm..what else?

Stinkin' cute goats that's what. They are so playful and cute. Look at those ears!

I was so excited to get a picture of a chicken on the bridge, that I totally forgot to take the screen out of the water. Darnit!

Why is there a screen on the water. Because of an exciting pond project which I will update you all on later. Oooh, be excited! I am.

And a last parting shot...

I'm tired. Good night!


LGH said...

Amber, you are just sooooooooooo awesome! Aboslutely love the look of your farm, garden, animals. Really impressive, and congrats on sticking to it in the heat. BTW, we are still loving the spinach drink with a few little tweeks.

jennaloha said...

Oh merciful heaven. I loved your land before I saw the bridge with the chicken on it and now...

there are no words.

And baby goats! Seriously. I'm moving to Logan tomorrow.

(Can I use your teepee for temporary housing? I won't eat your plants, I promise.)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! You go, farm girl.

I finally planted a garden this year, but it was later than probably should have been. Harvest will be interesting (especially since I'm leaving for three weeks--how can I trust my plants to the neighbor kid?).

dreamofjean said...

Your shed looks so cute. and your garden looks wonderful! I wish I had your energy and ambition:)

Anonymous said...

what? I left a wicked long comment. where is it? it was funny.

Wade and Marilyn said...

Beautiful pictures--I'm excited for the new pond project!

Wade and Marilyn said...

The roosters remind me of Hawaii. Ours used to crow at the first sign of light--even if you turned on a light to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night--it might be 3 a.m. and they'd start crowing--very annoying!