Friday, June 18, 2010

Why I Fight

Because I've already made it to the ten year mark in my marriage, and I want another ten (or fifty): I'm a fighter.

Because my kids will eventually grow up and have an email account, and will possibly get solicited by perves inviting them to get enlarged: I'm a fighter.
*gosh I hope that never happens

Because sex is a beautiful symbol of marital unity: I'm a fighter.

Because I was a business owner for 6 years, and think employees should be paid for job skillz and not addictions: I'm a fighter.

Because I think women should be admired for their brains, and not their boobs: I'm a fighter.

My sweet Grandma Cooper, who passed away this year.

If you agree on at least one of these counts, then I invite you to become a fighter too!

How can you help? I mean really help?

Join the facebook group "Help FIGHT THE NEW DRUG Win 100,000 Dollars" and then vote for them every day. Don't worry, they'll send an email reminder with a link, which let's be honest, can get pretty annoying.

But has there ever been an easier way to fight?


Mrs. Olsen said...

Clarification: The email notification comes from facebook. My mom was worried about having her email address to sign up, but it works like any other email notification from facebook.

LGH said...

Amber, I love your passion for the things you know are right. You are inspiring.

Clay Olsen said...

Amber! You are amazing! I love how you framed this discussion. I love how passionate you are. Thank you so MUCH!

Napes said...

Ahhhh. You KNOW I'm on board! My 7 year old son chose this as his topic to picket with signs as we learned in home school about the power to make a difference (Rosa Parks).

I've been thinking about posting on my intimacy blog soon. Time will tell. In the mean time, I support the cause with heart and soul.

P.S. I support YOU with heart and soul too.

Angenette said...
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