Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sheep Go To Heaven

Late last year we made a farm addition that has yet to be announced on this blog. You see, after reading about cows and how they trash the land, we wondered what animal we could raise that would be cleaner on the land, and also require a little less maintenance. After asking around, The Mister of the House made the executive decision to get some goats. Their breed is called : Boer Goats. What that basically means is that they are.....ummmmm, they're meat goats.

Apparently if you can keep the pheramone-saturated and extremely smelly male billy goats out of the picture, goat meat tastes much like beef and is extremely lean. Did we try a goat steak before signing up for this project?

Is Mrs. Olsen on the verge of vegetarianism?

Because we were getting two friendly and curious female goats, we made a place ready for them in the yard.

We were warned they would trim up our tree branches. "They eat EVERYthing" warned one friend. We had plenty of limbs that needed trimmed, so we fenced off a portion of the backyard and let them have a go.

We did not expect them to go crazy over the only pine tree that was fenced off in the back. May she rest in peace.

It wasn't long until an old rock n' roll song kept thumping through my head. I actually am not sure what this song is about, but the chorus has stuck with me over the years:

Since we refused to have a male billy stinking up our meat, we found a farmer in the valley who offered to let Betty & Matilda (our female goats) a month long tryst with his billy goat.

And now here we are in spring-time April. And wouldn't you know those goats are having babies next month!

...and wouldn't you know that Mrs. Olsen may have talked The Mister of the House into experimenting with some goat milk instead of being 100% meat-heads. We'll see how it goes!


earwaxtasteslikecrayons said...

Agamemnon? Who said farmers don't have a sense of humor?

Enjoy your goat babies--they are fun and frisky (although I just visited them and didn't have to take care of them).

Angenette said...

I've eaten goat. It's not bad.
I do like me some goat cheese, maybe you should do some experimenting there, too.

paula said...

I learned on Oprah earlier this year that goat meat is actually the most consumed meat on this planet....surprising eh?

Wade and Marilyn said...

Love the farm. I remember when you were chasing those goats, and so were we!

jennaloha said...

I have to tell you that you have unwittingly (or not?) convinced me that I have to live in the beautiful Cache Valley countryside one day. Seriously. It's become one of my top 5 places I would live if I could live anywhere.

Although you have not convinced me to ever own goats. Good try though :)