Thursday, April 15, 2010

Porch with a View

The eternal laws of porch loving requires me to sustain a resin goose as the keeper of my gate. It gives me common ground with the grannies. Here's Gwendolyn's view recently:

Wouldn't you know that I finally got rid of my winter wreath upon donning Gwendolyn in her Easter threads. I jinxed the valley into getting a six inch dump of snow on Easter Weekend. Sorry everybody!

There is our recent baby step into better health. Fresh delivery of milk from a local dairy whose cows are hormone-free! Since we only drink about 2 gallons a week, we could afford this luxury.

The milk costs about double what it does in the store. That means you'll find Mrs. Olsen gently placing quarter-filled cups back in the fridge. It also means my daughter, who is on the verge of teendom in 4 short years, won't get any hormone help in the moody, crabby, or mustache department.


Candice said...

Wow, I have one toddler and drink more than 2 gallons per week. You guys are amazing.

I worry about the hormones in milk, especially because I grew so fast (and then stopped at 12 years old), and have a daughter in the 90th percentile...and we both have mustaches:) (j/k...a little)

Anonymous said...

Is that where my mustache comes from? I thought it was just from getting older.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Come over for Cinco de Mayo ladies. I'll have sombreros to match the mustaches and we'll dance.